April and May Updates

So to give a run down of events in April/May, I will do it in one blog post. I was going to do April’s by itself but then realized it was like May 25th and I would have to post May anyway.

Birthday Weekend:

My son turned 3 in April and we had a full weekend planned for him. We first did the Texas Children’s Hospital Family Fun Run. Afterwards, they have a huge party with games, bounce houses, etc. The only problem was that is freakishly cold. It was also drizzling the whole time so we didn’t stay as long as we thought.

My son also had his birthday party that day at The Little Gym. It was so easy for me. I just provided the cake, food, etc and they did the rest for us. So easy and fun for all the kids. Since the weather was so bad, the kids were really happy to get all their energy out.

The next day we went to his friend’s birthday party at a playground.

Running/Working Out/Fitness:

The half marathon I had been training for happened in April. It was the Blue Bell Half Marathon. It was their first time having a half marathon. My friends and I drove up the night before and slept in the town. The race itself is run by the local high school. It was very hilly through the country with beautiful flowers. Luckily, it was chilly out because some people got their first water station at mile 7. I got water at Mile 3 and Mile 7. The race organizers realized their mistake and say it will be better next time. When you finish, there is Blue Bell Ice Cream. Since it was cold, the high school opened their doors for the runners to go inside.


Blue Bell Half Marathon Scenery

We also as a family did a Cinco de Mayo 5k. My husband even placed in his age group and he does not really run anymore.

I ended May by doing the Murph at Crossfit. For those who do not know, the Murph was named after Michael P. Murphy who was a United States Navy SEAL officer. Each Memorial Day Weekend, people do this workout in his honor. It is a 1 mile run, 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, 300 air squats and end with another mile 1. Some people wear weight vests and others modify it to suit their skill/fitness level.


We have had a lot of fun these last couple of months. We went to a small local rodeo since my son had so much fun at the huge one. My sons favorite part at this rodeo is that they had little pig races and he saw a pig swim.

We also went camping in May. We normally only camp October-May because the summer months are just unbearable. My son had a lot of fun catching lightning bugs this time while we camped. He also liked the hammock we had between two trees.

For Mother’s Day we went to a brewery we really like but it is over an hour away. We were excited to go because they had recently opened up a kitchen and the food was really good.

The last thing we did was go blueberry picking. We only got about 1.5 pounds but that is plenty for us. We will probably go fruit picking another too this summer.


March Updates

As I am writing this, I am sitting at home, eating a Pop-Tart while my sick son is lying in my bed relaxing. It is very chaotic trying to get sub plans written while I am teaching but glad I could be here for my son. Anyway, it gives me a perfect time to write.


In March I was continuing the Crossfit Open with workouts 18.2-18.5. I think my favorite was 18.1 though. I think I gave my best performance too since I had been off for 6 weeks. I also stepped up my running to get ready for my half marathon. I also ran a 4 mile race where I ran 3 miles beforehand. The race is called the Brunch Run and I run it every year because the after party is great, my friends run it and it supports the park I run at. For the Brunch Run, I did it in 37:57 which is a 9:29 mile. I will take it.


We also went to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. This is a big deal in Houston. It is like 21 days long and huge. We went the night Kelsea Ballerini played. While we didn’t really know her, we enjoyed the show. We walked the Livestock Show to see the animals, go to the petting zoo, etc before we watched the rodeo. The rodeo is before the concert. Personally, I love the Calf Scramble and Mutton Bustin the best. I did not grow up with a rodeo and didn’t know how much I would love but now it is a tradition that we go once a year.


Houston Rodeo


This month I tried Goat Yoga for the first time. Yes, goat yoga! Basically you do yoga and there are goats around you. You can pet them, pick them up, whatever. They even put the goats on you. It was so much fun.


Wheel Pose with a goat

We also went camping on the beach with some friends. I have camped at the beach before but we were on the beach. It was nice to hear the ocean waves at night. The only negative was that when we got up in the morning, there were mosquitoes every where!

We decided to also go to GermanFest this month. I have heard of GermanFest before but never been. We randomly ran into another family we know while we were there. My son loved that they had pony rides.

As a family we also went to the Houston Zoo. I am a member so I get one person in for free. It was so crowded the day we went (Good Friday) because a lot of people had off, it was beautiful out and the animals were opening Easter Eggs. We still had fun and my son loved riding the Carousel and feeding the Giraffes.


We ended the month with a couple Easter related things. I went to my sons Easter Egg Hunt at school which was fun. We also went to an Easter Egg hunt at No Label Brewery. The only problem with that one was that my son did not get any eggs because the older kids took them all. He did get to meet the Easter Bunny though. We also went to another free Easter celebration called Baskets and Bunnies and they separated the kids by age groups and their egg hunts were on different fields so that was nice but quick. I might have been a little too competitive because my son only picked up random eggs and would skip over some. I wanted him to pick them all up but I also know it is good that my son is not greedy.


Easter Bunny at No Label. My son gave him his monkey.


Barely collecting eggs.

That was our month. Really busy but a fun month. My son did go swimming with his dad on the roof of a building downtown and I felt awful for my husband because it was freezing. My son didn’t care.

February Update

February is finished and as a teacher, it is one of my least favorite months. Not really sure why. April is pretty horrible but February goes real slow even though there are only 28 days. Anyway..


So in February, I could start running again, two weeks post-op. I only did 3 miles for a long time just to keep in safe. I would run every after day and do yoga on the days I didn’t run. I personally do Yoga by Adrienne on Youtube. A week before I was cleared to do all workouts, I did do a slow 8 miler with friends which was nice. It was the beginning of Rodeo season so the Trailriders were headed downtown for the Rodeo Parade. We ran a route where we could see the horses come into town.

I am also doing the Crossfit Open. So my first workout back was 18.1. I hadn’t been cleared yet but was going to get cleared in 4 days so I decided to go ahead and do it. I did the scaled workout because I promised to ease back in. The workout was 20 minutes of 8 knee to chest, 10 DB Clean and Jerk and then 12 cal-row. I did 282 reps which was really good I found out. I felt really good afterwards.


We finally went and saw the movie Jumanji which was very entertaining for us. My husband also went camping with one of his buddies for the weekend so I had a Mommy and Eli weekend which is always fun.

Otherwise, we just hung out as a family. We are huge Olympic fans so we had that on the TV pretty much every night. Another big deal in our house is that our son started floating on his back by himself during swim lessons. We were all excited for that.

January 2018 Updates

So February ends in 2 days which means it is perfect time for me to do updates on January.

My first week in January was still Winter Break so I went shopping, went to the doctors, all that kind of things. The next week was all about getting ready for the Houston Marathon which I have already written about. Now is when things got really interesting.

So the marathon was in the 40s like the whole race. The next day, Martin Luther King Jr. day made it to 70. I was off work so I took my son to the zoo in the morning. We got there right before the crowds came. We rode the carousel, saw the animals, played at the Children’s Zoo and fed the giraffes which is the cutest.  We left when it started warming up and the crowds were getting huge.IMG_20180115_111400825

So that is when things started hitting the fan in my life. The next few days were suppose to get below freezing. I had a doctor’s appointment later that afternoon. It was not good news. So I did some yoga, got a massage and then got a message to go to the emergency room.

So I got to the emergency room at like midnight. I got some blood work, taken back to a room and was told to get ready for surgery. My doctor came in to check on me before I was taken back. 36 hours before, I was finishing a marathon and now I was having surgery. I was never in any pain either.

So what happened? I found out I was pregnant after the New Year. The problem, when I went in for the confirmation ultrasound, they couldn’t find anything. Turns out I had an ectopic pregnancy. There was no reason I should have had one. They had to do surgery instead of just giving me pills is because my fallopian tube had burst and I was bleeding out. They were shocked I was not in pain because it is supposed to be really painful. I was also only a few hours from dying. So I woke up Tuesday morning and went home. Now I am one of those 1 in 4 women that has loss during pregnancy.

I do think I know when it burst but I am not sure. The day of the marathon, once I finished, showered and ate, my stomach was huge. It felt like I had a huge air bubble in my stomach which sometimes happens to runners who eat too much after running. I ended up in pain but threw up and was fine.

So I was told no working out for 6 weeks which is the worst for me. I was really upset and going through things and then not being able to workout just makes it worse since working out is my stress relief. I was able to start running slowly at post 2 weeks and I could start doing yoga again. So I at least got that.

Other things in January, I went to a baby shower and a gender reveal party. While I am sad about my journey, I am super happy for all my friends. We also went to a going away party. My friends and I also went to the museum to look at the Oscar de La Renta exhibit. It was fun to look at all the pretty dresses.


So, I didn’t run this race but my husband ran the Piney Woods 5k. We signed my son up to do the kids mile like he did last year. This year was pouring down rain. I carried my son the entire mile. He got 2nd place male but there were only 2 males. He had so much fun jumping in all the puddles.


So that is my January.

December Updates

December just flew by..sorta. Sometimes I was like “Man, four weeks until Winter Break” and other times it flew by. I can’t believe it is now 2018. I really do not make resolutions but I am going to try this year to take time to breathe. Like it is okay to stay in my house and relax. I don’t always have to be on the move. Anyway, my life in December.

Working Out

Last month before my big race so I did some long runs this month like a 20 miler. I felt great on that run. I also hit some PRs at Crossfit. December has been pretty cold here(for Houston) which is my favorite running temperatures. I love it in the 40s. There has also been hot humid days too. It was very weird and explains why everyone got sick this month.


After my 20 miler, we went camping at Lost Maples State Park which is like 60 miles west of San Antonio. It was in the 30s throughout the night and rainy. My husband packed our car and forgot to pack my suitcase so my coat, socks, everything was in my house. So I was really cold. The next morning though, we went on a nice hike as a family(dog too) and it was beautiful. Highly recommend that park.


Lost Maples State Park


We had a lot of fun with friends in December. I started December with a baby shower for a friend which my husband even went because it was at a playground so the kids could play. The night I went with a friend to an ugly sweater party. I had a couple of Christmas Light Runs with friends which are my favorite. I did a dinner with some sorority sisters. I saw my college roommate/sorority sister and went on a brewery tour with a friend before New Years.  Some of this will be extended on.


On the 30th, we went with a friend to two new to us breweries.  They are both close to me and one hasn’t officially had their grand opening.  We went to Wicked Boxer Brewery and Bearded Fox. Wicked Boxer is new and hasn’t had their big grand opening yet.  The space was small but cute. Bearded Fox has been open for a while and has stuff for kids, free popcorn and had a food truck on site which was nice.


Wicked Boxer Brewery


I had to take a weekend trip to Dallas for a training for my volunteer job. We stayed at a Marriott because it was next door to the training. The hotel was nice and the food was good. The gym looked pretty nice but I didn’t work out in there. They had little maps of running routes in the area so I did that. I ran before the sun came up since my training was early and the only problem was one of the routes you went on a cute path except it was dark, no lights, and no one could see it. So the next day, I turned before the path and just ran in a neighborhood instead.


Dallas/Addison Marriott Quorum by the Galleria


My son had an appointment with his allergist and he is still allergic to peanuts but not as bad as last year which is a good sign. I did feel bad because the night before, my son was cleaning up his toys and fell right on the coffee table so his cheek was all cut up and bruised.


For the holidays we traveled to St. Louis to see my mom, aunts, sister, etc. We stayed with my mom and got in Christmas Eve. I had won a free drink ticket on my flight for knowing my Christmas trivia. My sister had ordered my favorite pizza for when we arrived. It was cold the whole time I was in St. Louis like 18 degrees as the high cold. The only good thing, there was snow the whole time.


White Christmas. Deers in my moms backyard.

For Christmas we went to Illinois to have lunch at my aunt’s house. It was nice to see everyone including my cousins. The night my mom, sister and I went and saw Father Figure which I do not recommend. We did get Steak N Shake beforehand so that was enjoyable.

On Tuesday we went to Myseum to let Eli play all day. He had a blast and it was a great place. That night I caught dinner with my college roommate, her husband and her daughter at Kirkwood Station Brewery. It is always great to see her.

On Wednesday we went to Chesterfield Sports Fusion to play mini golf. Unfortunately my son had no interest in playing minigolf so it was a bust.

We left super early the next day. So it was a great trip but short.

For New Years Eve, some friends came to a restaurant by me to eat dinner and celebrate. I was home at like 8:30 and then watched Dick Clark’s NYE or whatever it is called. Very low-key but whatever.


So that was my December summed up pretty quickly. Last thing, I saw the movie Miss You Already and I really enjoyed it.

November Updates

So…it is December 22nd and I am off for winter break and I have not written since November….my bad. December got a little out of hand, fast. I hope everyone is done with their shopping. I am not. Hopefully by 9 PM tonight I can say I am. I was do not have any pictures because my they disappeared. I don’t know what my phone did with them. Anyway, lets update:


November is when I really starting amping up my miles for my marathon training.  My training runs had been going terribly. They were hot, humid, miserable and I felt horrible during them. I ran the Cypress Half Marathon on November 12th. It was the third year of this race and my 3rd time doing it. The course is not exciting but it is close to my house, tons of parking, plenty of water and good volunteers. It was little humid that morning and the sun came out to make the course very sunny. So that week my friend was having me try Ketones(*) to see how they work for me. They did not.  They did not give me energy and made me extremely hungry starting at mile 5(I don’t get hungry during halves and I ate beforehand). So that with the heat, I thought I did terrible. So I was very surprised when the clock said 2:02:XX. I ran my 2nd fastest half. My fastest is 2:00:45 and that was a couple of years before I had a baby.

*Ketones work really well for my friend but not me. My body is weird.


One of our married couple friends moved away this month. So we did a couple of events with them. With the wife, I went a couple of times to place called Rustic Brush. You create a wooden sign, sand it, stain it and paint it. It was a lot of fun. We also went to St. Arnolds Brewery as a last get together.

We have another couple come in town for the holidays so it was nice to meet up with them at the Great Heights Brewing.

Lastly, we met up with some of our friends we met through Eli at No Label Brewery for a playdate. This brewery has a playground so the kids all played while the adults socialized.


For Thanksgiving we stayed in town and went to my husbands brothers house. It was lowkey which is how I like my holidays. I made a dessert and an adult beverage. I have included the recipes for both since I do not have any pictures:

Chocolate Acorns

Poinsettia Drink:

  • Champagne
  • Cranberry Juice
  • Orange Liqueur (optional)


October Updates

October has come and gone and now I am counting down to Thanksgiving break. I get the whole week off so I am holding off on a lot of projects for that week, especially since I am not going out-of-town for it.


Another month closer to my marathon so more miles. We got up to 14 miles during this month.  Lululemon also hosted a free Ghost Race this month.  They had a 5 mile course and there were prizes. You had a week to do it and post your GPS device.

Other fitness activities: I went to a free yoga event but it was a bust. In CrossFit, I hit a few new PRs.


This month we started camping again.  We went to Bastrop State Park. It was nice and they had some nice trails to run and hike. Bastrop is not a huge town but it is an artist town so we went out to lunch at this cute restaurant right on a river. The only problem was it was still pretty warm.

We went on a date this month to see Happy Death Day. We both really enjoyed it.  It was a horror comedy but wasn’t really scary.  I found it more funny.  The lead female was also not your typical female horror movie star because she was more real. The guys in the movie were more real too. Like these are people you see on college campuses.

One afternoon we went to a new brewery with our friends. It is called Great Heights Brewing Co. and it was great. The beers were good and they have the cutest glasses. Their decor is also really cool. They just opened a few months ago so they still want to do some stuff they haven’t gotten to yet.


We went to Zoo Boo this month. Zoo Boo is help at the Houston Zoo every October. Kids get to walk around and there are candy stops throughout the zoo. There is also pumpkin decorating stations too. I took a personal day and my husband got home earlier than usual for a Friday to go.  My son even fed the giraffes which he loved.


We had two Halloween parties to go to this year: one at his gym and one at his school. Luckily they were on different Friday nights. I am glad we got to go to both because Halloween was a bust (lots of rain and World Series).

I was lucky to also go to the beach with some of my mom friends. No husbands and no kids. It was nice to sit around a living room and talk.  There was food, drinks, games and just conversations. The next morning, a crazy storm came in. Some of us went on the beach to take photos as it came in.


We ended the month with going to a brewery with my CrossFit gym. October was pretty busy for us but I think November will be a little slower, or I hope it will.

September Updates…a month late

I keep a planner at my desk that tells me things like “pay this bill”, “give the dog his heartwarm” or even things like which workout to do that day. Last week I was looking at it and realized it was the middle of October.  Did I know this?  Yes but it never clicked either.  Time for an update.


Marathon training kept ramping up their miles which was not a big deal but September was really hot and humid here so my runs have felt gross. Saturdays are so jammed pack for us because my son has two different sport activities on those days. For Crossfit, I have been practicing at getting better at some movements and upping my weights.


My son had one birthday party to go to plus a lot of other social events.  Basically, he has more of a social life than I do. For example, in one Saturday day he had:

  • Gym Class
  • Swim lessons
  • Splash Pad birthday party
  • Touch-a-truck charity event
  • Dinner with friends

Needless to say, I was exhausted afterwards. Him? Not so much.

We went to one brewery this month with friends with kids my sons age. The brewery is in the woods with room for the kids to play plus games like giant jenga which the kids like to build with.

As much as I want time to slow down with my little one, I am ready for Thanksgiving to get here so I have a week off to just decompress.


August Updates

I am slowly getting back into my old routine. My school reopened, my running is back and I finally know the date. So here is my August recap.


I kept up with yoga and Crossfit and hit some new record weights for me. When in Maine, I even went and did a workout at Crossfit Misfit which was good to get different perspectives on form techniques. Form is something everyone needs to look at even if you have done the move a thousand times and sometimes a new set of eyes has a suggestion and recommendation for you.


I ran two races in August. The first was a nighttime trail race called Chupacabra Nighttime Trail Race 10k. I love this race and I hardly ever get to run trails. I always have friends who run this race and they have a nice after party. My husband and son walk this race every year, since my son was 6 weeks old. The race starts at 8:30 PM so it is a long night.  I think we left the park about 11:30.

I ran it in 1:11:06 which equals 11:07 mile pace. You always run trails a little slower.


The next race I did was in Auburn, Maine. It was called the L-A Bridge Run 5K.  I signed up pretty late so I didn’t get a shirt.  Luckily, they let me buy one (I am not a shirt collector but wanted one since the race is in Maine, I am trying to do a race in every state). The weather was perfect, it was in the low 50s, I thought I had a chance to maybe PR or get close to my PR. I was worried though because I went to bed late and drank more than usual the night before at the wedding. As I was walking to the start I asked a local if there are hills. She said no except for a little one on Main St. at about mile 1.5.  I love hills, I do but I was not expecting this many in a 5K. Once I saw all the hills, I knew I couldn’t PR but I knew I could enjoy the race. When I say it was hilly, it is for a Houston standard but not a St. Louis one. Still, my PR is from a race in the 50s and completely flat.

I ran it in 27:47 which is a 8:54 mile pace.



I passed all those boys at the end


I read Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan pretty quickly. It is pretty ridiculous but also just a fun quick mindless read.


I went back to work in August and it has been really hard since I have a completely different team and my Partner in Crime left too. It just feels weird. My Saturdays have also been super busy because I have marathon training early morning, my son then has gym class and like one hour later he has swim lessons. By the time noon comes around, I am already exhausted.

The last thing is that I wore that Adidas top I reviewed from the Avenue A box. It was fine for a 3 mile run but I think anything more, it would have driven me nuts.

Hurricane Harvey

Today’s post will be a little different because it will be serious.  Normally, I do not post serious topics because I am not a serious person. I want to talk about Hurricane Harvey because it has devastated the city I live in.

I am not a native Texan.  I moved here 11 years ago without a job, hardly any money and knowing only 1 person who was my boyfriend.  I hated Houston at first because I didn’t know anyone and had nothing to do.  My boyfriend was from Houston but hadn’t lived there since high school so he didn’t know of cool/fun places for 20-somethings.  Yet, I was also broke because I had just graduated and he was still in school.

As time went on and we both found jobs, I started having more fun.  I started running and met people through the running community. I joined my sororities alumnae group and met people through that. I became friends with people from work.  I started to enjoy Houston.

Do I still love my hometown?  Yes. Would I want to live there again? Yes. However, I also adore Houston and cannot imagine my life without my friends who are basically my family. This is also my sons hometown and this is where all his friends live.

When the hurricane hit, I really didn’t think it was going to be “that bad.”  I have been here through Ike. The problem, the hurricane changed to a Category 4 really fast and then just hung out. It became very slow-moving. My problem, I was in a different state for a wedding (a post for another day). Why didn’t Houston evacuate? There is 6.5 million people, where do you want them to go? Austin and San Antonio were supposed to be hit hard too. Last hurricane where people evacuated, people were stuck on the roads, roads that flooded for Harvey. Our city government made the right call.

I finally made it home yesterday after having to fly into Dallas (my airline did not know what day it would be able to get into Houston) and driving down here.  I had called my kennel everyday to check on my dog.  My house, car, dog were all fine. However, a lot of people lost everything including some of my friends.

I do like how the country is seeing the people of Houston coming together and helping no matter what. I went to donate blood today and was turned down because too many donations came in today. I plan on volunteering all day Sunday and Monday.

If you want to help, please consider donating money.  There are many great charities out there.  Personally I like:

Citizens for Animal Protection Friends 4 Life Texas Diaper Bank Houston Food Bank