August Updates

I am slowly getting back into my old routine. My school reopened, my running is back and I finally know the date. So here is my August recap.


I kept up with yoga and Crossfit and hit some new record weights for me. When in Maine, I even went and did a workout at Crossfit Misfit which was good to get different perspectives on form techniques. Form is something everyone needs to look at even if you have done the move a thousand times and sometimes a new set of eyes has a suggestion and recommendation for you.


I ran two races in August. The first was a nighttime trail race called Chupacabra Nighttime Trail Race 10k. I love this race and I hardly ever get to run trails. I always have friends who run this race and they have a nice after party. My husband and son walk this race every year, since my son was 6 weeks old. The race starts at 8:30 PM so it is a long night.  I think we left the park about 11:30.

I ran it in 1:11:06 which equals 11:07 mile pace. You always run trails a little slower.


The next race I did was in Auburn, Maine. It was called the L-A Bridge Run 5K.  I signed up pretty late so I didn’t get a shirt.  Luckily, they let me buy one (I am not a shirt collector but wanted one since the race is in Maine, I am trying to do a race in every state). The weather was perfect, it was in the low 50s, I thought I had a chance to maybe PR or get close to my PR. I was worried though because I went to bed late and drank more than usual the night before at the wedding. As I was walking to the start I asked a local if there are hills. She said no except for a little one on Main St. at about mile 1.5.  I love hills, I do but I was not expecting this many in a 5K. Once I saw all the hills, I knew I couldn’t PR but I knew I could enjoy the race. When I say it was hilly, it is for a Houston standard but not a St. Louis one. Still, my PR is from a race in the 50s and completely flat.

I ran it in 27:47 which is a 8:54 mile pace.



I passed all those boys at the end


I read Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan pretty quickly. It is pretty ridiculous but also just a fun quick mindless read.


I went back to work in August and it has been really hard since I have a completely different team and my Partner in Crime left too. It just feels weird. My Saturdays have also been super busy because I have marathon training early morning, my son then has gym class and like one hour later he has swim lessons. By the time noon comes around, I am already exhausted.

The last thing is that I wore that Adidas top I reviewed from the Avenue A box. It was fine for a 3 mile run but I think anything more, it would have driven me nuts.


Avenue A Fall 2017 Review

I found out about Avenue A a couple of months ago and was on the fence about ordering it because it is a lot of money. Then I decided to bite the bullet but they were sold out so I had to wait until this season to get one.

Why I finally decided? So I workout almost daily. In the summer it is everyday but during the school year it is 6 days a week. My bad habit though? I never buy shoes.  I only buy shoes when my shoe is basically falling apart. Is that bad? Yes. While I do have shoes just for crossfit, my everyday shoe for walking is just old marathon shoes which have no padding or traction left.

So what is Avenue A? It is a box for women from Adidas. They have a box 4 times a year and it costs $150 but you get to keep everything.  You fill out a size/fit profile. You can choose to skip a box if you do not like the spoiler.

So what did I get:IMG_20170818_184502996

Performer Strappy Tank($28), Halter Bra($45), and Supernova 7/8 Tight($75)


Excuse my dresser again, I promise I do close it. I was just in the middle of grabbing some shirts.

The items: the tank is very loose but it is suppose to be. If you are bigger chested, you will be showing a lot of bra. If you are smaller chested, you will show some but not like I am. The shirt does become fitted more around the hips and is very light weight. I thought about requesting a smaller side but then worry it will be too snug around my stomach and hips. I’m going to try it out on a run because I think it might work for that.

The bra, well it is not my style because I don’t like how high the neck is.  I also never workout in just a sports bra so I always have a shirt on. I could see this work if you like being shirtless while working out.

The running tights are heavy! Or I should say for me.  I only have crops and I only wear them a handful of times a year(it takes a lot for me to cover up). These would be good if it is in the low 30s and colder. Again, this is for me.  I wear shorts until it is in the low 40s/high 30s, then I switch to crops. I get hot really fast. I did not do a squat test, so I am not sure on their sheerness, so I do not know if these would work for other things besides running.  Most of the time, running tights are only for running and not meant for activities where you bend. I do know they show every bump, so VPL is shown.


From the back.

Adidas Adizero Tempo 9 ($120)


These are pretty common running shoes and I use to run in something similar so I will be wearing these for running and not just around. I personally like the color as I do not have any shoes around that color. I personally like color and I always stay away from whites and blacks.

Sunglasses ($99)


I love the color I got. Different people received different colors but mine match the shoes and tank. These are a nice pair of sunglasses. A lot nicer than everything else I own because I just wear glasses I got for free at different booths.


Final thoughts: all the items add up to be $367. I think that is a great deal for $150.

June Race Recap

So this month I did two races: a 5K and a 10K. With a vacation at the end of the month, my workout schedule was a little messed up. I still tried to do Crossfit twice a week, yoga once a week, 2 short runs, 1 long run and a track practice and then on Fridays I added a BodyPump class which I can only do in the summer when I am off from school. However, on vacation I only ran once.

First race was 1st Street 5K.  It is held Father’s Day weekend at the No Label Brewery. We have done this race every year they have had it.  We love it. Plus it is stroller friendly so my son has been in the race three times. The street course has lots of turns which I like.  It is also in a part of town I never go to so the scenery is different. It is flat and hot but there is shade. The race keeps getting bigger and bigger so the beginning of was crowded but once we turned onto a main street it clears up. I ran it in 26:47 which is about right for me.  That is a 8:37 mile. My husband always takes our son and this year they walked because my husband had an infection in the heart (really rare and weird) and did not have permission for rigorous workouts.  He is fine now and can workout again. Afterwards, we had our camp chairs already set up (in a really shady are) and just drank our free beers and relaxed with friends.  The brewery recently added a playground so I took my son over there to play.


Just started the race so I am not a sweaty mess yet

Second race was in Johnson City, TN and called  Run the Tweetsie Half Marathon and 10K.  I ran the 10k because I was on vacation and it was an out and back course but twice for the half. The trail was beautiful.  The race was small and was just 3.1 miles out and then come back in.  There was a gradual uphill the whole back half but I love hills.  Yes my pace slowed, but the last 3 miles went by so fast. The course is on the Tweetsie Trail which is a paved trail, and very much tree-lined the entire time.  There was a part after 2 miles, where there were no trees and you just saw rolling hills of fields and mountains in the background.  It was really pretty. The race directors put on a good race. I ran it in 58:51 which is a 9:28 mile. It rained for some of the race but just a light drizzle.  It was also in the 60s the entire time which was perfect coming from a place where it is in the 80s already at 7 in the morning. My husband did not run it but walked some of the trail and made it into race photos.


Before the start



Husband enjoying his morning walk


1.5 miles to go



Workouts Lately

Now that my life has settled some, I can give a longer update. One of my biggest problems is my mind is bigger than the time of day.  Basically, I have all these grand schemes but I always run out of time because I over schedule myself. One thing I always try to find time for is a workout each day because I go crazy without one. So during the week, I do a short workout right when I wake up.  They usually last about 10 minutes, maybe shorter, maybe longer. I switch it up each day.  Some of them include Fabletics, Emily Skye, and Blogilates. I find working out right when I wake up gives me some energy through the day. Otherwise I workout at night expect on the weekends.  Here is a schedule I have found for me that works:

Sunday- Recovery 3 mile run, yoga (I like Yoga with Adrienne on youtube)

Monday- Crossfit

Tuesday- Sprint work or sometimes just a 3 miler depending on my schedule

Wednesday- Crossfit

Thursday- 3 mile run with friends

Saturday- Long run

Changes for the summer though include a Body Pump class on Fridays and a run after crossfit on Wednesdays.  Since it is summer, I also walk my dog during the mornings and take my son on walks with friends.

My son is in the stroller on Thursdays and Sundays.  On Saturdays I try to get finished with my run by 9 so my husband can go to crossfit.  He also goes on Tuesdays/Thursday while I watch my son.  We can never go together.

Some other things I have done the past months:

Crossfit related:

I completed in the Open but the scaled division.  I did a lot better than I thought and realized I can be a lot stronger than I thought.  I also did the Murph over Memorial Day.  For those who do not know, the Murph is 1 mile run, 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, 300 air squats and then another mile run.  I broke up the workout by 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups and 15 squats 20 times.  I did it a lot faster than I thought I could.  I used a band for pull-ups and went on my knee for push-ups. I also have a new favorite pair of crossfit shorts called Fleos.  They are short, which worried me, but they are really comfy and I can finally squat without restriction and they keep me covered. You can find them here

Running related: 

I completed a Half Marathon in April with my best friend.  We did it more relaxed since it was pretty warm.  We also didn’t train for it.  I did though, place 1st in age group at a small local 5k.  I was not expecting it because I did it as a catch up on girl talk run with my friend as we were both under the weather. I did sign up for Houston Marathon again so we will see how training goes this year.

Just a note, I do not get paid for anything I recommend, like the shorts, nor do I get free stuff.  I just wanted to talk about it.

Posts coming up soon, another Kidbox review, Camping with toddler tips, and some more travel blogs once I actually travel.

Houston Marathon Recap

On January 15th, I ran my 12th marathon which was the 7th year in a row I ran the Houston Marathon. This year was a killer for me.  I had gone into training season rethinking my training plan.  My 2 best marathons (in terms of how I felt) were marathons where I never ran a distance longer than 18 miles.  In fact, my fastest marathon was one where I never trained over 13 miles and I was severely injured at the start (injury had nothing to do with running). So I was only going to go up to 16-18 miles and call that my training.  However, I did for a 20 miler and a 21 miler with a friend because she likes to do longer runs to train and I like to run with my friends. My 20 miler felt great.  It was in the mid 50s and raining on and off.  My 21 miler felt horrible.  It was actually suppose to be 22 but it was so hot and humid that day.  I do not do well in the heat.

The week before the marathon, I caught a bug that went through my household.  Basically, I had no fluids/foods in my stomach for a couple days.  So I was going into the marathon already dehydrated. The week before also had fluke weather in the 20s.  Too bad it was in the 70s a couple days later.  I can rock 20 degree running weather. I cannot rock 70 degrees.

Weekend of the race:

Friday: I worked.  My friends and I always do a carb loading dinner that night.  It is always a lot of fun and it is a girls only event.

Saturday: My family headed to the expo bright and early to get in right when it opens.  Unfortunately, we had a to wait because they were not ready yet. I knew I only had a certain window to get my bib and shop because of my sons swim lessons at 11. We got in, got my bib and shirt.  Then we walked around and shopped and had photo ops.


Expo Photo Ops

Now, there are a couple shops at the Expo I always go to.  I love going to the Sweaty Band booth because they always bring some headbands that are on sale and those are my favorite headbands.  I also like to see the official merchandise.  I bought a shirt this year. My son started to throw a fit so we couldn’t shop around too much.  We did have to wait a little bit for my friend who works for the marathon and gives me a special pass to use real restrooms the morning of the race.

Sunday: Race Day. It was going to be in the 70s the whole race at like 98% humidity. That means I was preparing for the worst.We get to the race super early to hand in my bag, see my friends, photos and so on.  My husband and son left as they were on the course in 5 different places. I started with 3 friends but 2 of them were running the half marathon so they left us right after the start line.  I ran with my other friend for the first 15 miles.  She wanted to keep running with me but I was hitting a wall and mentally wasn’t there.  She also felt great and I didn’t want to stand in her way.


Mile 15. The smile is fake, I was not in a good place.

So after much convincing, my friend took off running and I slowly faded.  I had a huge cryfest when I saw my husband and son at mile 15.5 and complained how awful I felt.  I said I was dizzy and just felt horrible.  Medics overheard me and followed me to the next aid station.  They kept asking if I wanted to quit, which will always be a no from me.  So I ran and then would walk when needed.  I also put on my music and would run a song and walk a song.  That method worked great until my music died (I only run with music during races or when I run by myself so I probably had not charged it in months). I also had another cryfest at mile 20 but no family was there. A nice spectator did hand me a diet Pepsi though.

One thing I do that helps is I have a list, which you can see the white paper on the picture above, of people/things I am dedicating my miles too.  So when I feel real bad, I just remind myself of who I am running for.

By the time I got to mile 24, I felt great but I was walking a bit when my friend saw me. We talked for a bit since I was not worried about my time.  I even stopped and got a free pair of sunglasses that were being handed out. I never run my marathons as a race because I am not going to win.  So I try to have fun.

When I finished, I ran into some friends and one was so worried about me because when she saw me at mile 18, I looked sickly.  We got our shirts, beer mug and our bags and stopped by the food court for some chocolate milk (my favorite).  I was also lucky enough to see one of my former students who was volunteering in the food court.

Afterwards, I went to the reunion area to find my family.  My husband always has cupcakes from Crave Cupcakes for when I finish.  This marathon was mentally tough for me and my body was probably not ready for it after being sick (beer did not even taste good while running which is weird).  However, I finished and I wasn’t that sore afterwards.  I ran that Tuesday and went back to Crossfit on Wednesday.  Now I just need to plan my race calendar for the rest of the year.


My favorite spectator.

Updates galore

Since it has been awhile I will just do one huge update.

Running/working out:

I have done a few races recently like 2 half marathons. Earlier this fall, I also entered into a crossfit competition.  One thing I have noticed is that I am getting stronger at this new CF gym I go to.  They have me on additional weight training so I do that before my workout.

For the two half marathons I did, one sucked. The other one was the fastest half I have run in almost 3 years.  I haven’t been able to break 2 hours yet but this one made me feel that maybe someday I could.



We are doing well.  In Sept. I went on a cruise to Cozumel with my mom, aunt and sisters.  It was a lot of fun but hard to be away from my son that long.  For the cruise our excursion in Cozumel was to go to a private beach on a Catamaran where they had all these different bounce type toys, like giant slides.  We also went snorkeling.  The cruise was a lot of fun.


With having a toddler, I don’t seem to find time to read.  I am two books behind in book club and part of the problem is I always get books at the library and these are two popular books right now.  I am hoping I can find time to read in December to get caught up. For movies, I haven’t really seen any lately that I just loved.  I saw Girl on the Train and I have read the book and I enjoyed it.  However, I hadn’t read the book in over a year so my memory was hazing on differences. I enjoyed the movie but people who saw the movie who had just read the book said it had too many differences.


I thought I had more to update on but I most likely forgot everything that is going on.

May recap

May ended up being a pretty busy month professionally and socially.  It is the end of the school year so we have fun social activities with the students like a faculty vs student basketball game (which I got 2 3-point shots), awards and so on.  Socially we had a couple of events like a little pool party, couples baby shower, mothers day, brewery tour(with a baby hike group) and a birthday party.  We pretty much take a son wherever we go.  People know if they invite us, he is coming.

I ran three races in May too.  My husband pushed my son in two races. As a family we ran the Santo de Mayo 5K which was a very crowded race.  I started I guess in the middle (there was a couple thousand people) and I was still passing walkers at mile 3.  The streets were pretty narrow so my husband had trouble getting the stroller around people.  The after-party was really crowded and crazy.  My time was in pretty normal for me 26:50.

Our second race was Cinco de Mayo 5K. They had to change the location due to flooding so it was not as stroller friendly as the old location.  It usually is two loops on a huge empty road(it is a small race) but this time it was 2.5 loops.  One part has uneven sidewalk which is hard with a stroller.  This race always has a chance for me to place but it depends on my time and who else is running.  I ended up getting 3rd in my age group with 25:56 but my watch said more like 26:10. Not bad though and the age group prize is a margarita glass.

My last race was one I signed up for last-minute called Daisy Dash. I signed up on a Thursday, and came down sick on Friday, ran the race Saturday with a bad fever.  I felt horrible the entire race but finished in 26:35 and ended up getting 2nd in my age group (small race). I slept the rest of the day.  It was not smart to run with a fever and my body punished me for it.

The first picture is the award ceremony.  The second photo is me dying at mile 1.5.


KT8A2696 2016 PEO Daisy Dash

Our son has been in swimming classes since March and in May we took him to an outsdie pool.  I was worried how he would react because the pool was cold while his swim class pool is inside and heated.  He still loved it.  This pool had little bubblers for the kids to play with and he loved those.  I think we will have fun on our summer vacation.

3rd Trimester and Working Out

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or a fitness expert, this is just my experience.  Every pregnancy is different so please check with your doctor first.  I always was honest with my doctor and told her everything I was doing fitness wise during my pregnancy.


So I entered my third trimester right at the beginning of January 2015. I had a full marathon on the 18th, the Houston Marathon.  I double checked with my doctor that I was still good to go.

I knew I was getting slower the bigger I got so I was not expecting anything but finishing.  One of my friends ran with me until like mile 18 because her training was off too due to a nasty flu virus a few weeks beforehand.  At mile 18, I told her to leave me because I was going to walk.  I developed some nasty Charlie Horses in my calves and running was out of the question.  It was also getting pretty warm.  I drank at every water stop and drank plenty of Gatorade too.  I also had food on me.  I finished with plenty of time.  The spectators were great and encouraging. My friends were also awesome for waiting for me to get to certain places.  It was a great experience.


This picture is mile 9 and I am 30ish weeks.

I kept running my whole pregnancy but after marathon, I backed down in mileage.  I ended up doing 2 more 5ks and then just short runs.  I also stopped running with my friends because I couldn’t keep up.


This picture is at about 38ish weeks. I ran until 2 days before I gave birth. I found just listening to your body, having plenty of water/nutrition and walking when needed really helped.  Once I got super pregnant like the above photo, I would run only when my husband ran and he would know my whole route in case of emergency.  I also only ran in crowded areas. After my run, I would make sure to rest my feet.

Other workouts: 

I had to stop doing yoga in my 3rd trimester not because of my doctor but because it was too uncomfortable for me. Even my favorite poses were uncomfortable so I decided to stop.

I did Crossfit until 5 days before I gave birth.  By the end of my pregnancy, most things were modified.  I really miss pregnant burpees.  I would not even attempt to hang on the rope so I would lie on the ground and climb the rope with my feet planted and just raise my upper body.  I also had to go up in a band for dips and pull-ups because my body was just heavier for me to lift.  Overhead Squats were done with basically no weight because of balance issues.  I also stopped doing ab work for the most part. If we had a partner workout, I would only partner with my husband so that I wouldn’t ruin anyones workout.


This picture was taken at like 35 weeks so you can tell I still liked to have fun.  I use to be a gymnast so I like doing things like this.  I really listened to my body and slowed down and lowered my weight selection.  I also would not do anything that I was not comfortable with.  My coaches understood.


All in all, I am glad I worked out my whole pregnancy.  It was easier for me to get back to working out after baby.  Some people say you recover quicker but since this was my first pregnancy, I do not have any prior experience with that.  Working out also gave me a place to keep my mind off of my anxieties. I slept better at night and felt great in the day. If I ever have another child, I plan on working out the whole pregnancy again as long as my doctor says I can.

2nd Trimester and Working Out

Disclaimer: I am not a fitness expert nor am I a doctor.  This is just my experience with my pregnancy.  I worked out 6-7 times a week before I became pregnant and did not try anything new during my pregnancy.

During my 2nd trimester, I felt really good.  I wasn’t nauseous anymore but I was starting to slowdown. By the end of it, I was doing a lot of modifications during Crossfit and sometimes at yoga.

I still made sure I was well hydrated and always had snacks on long runs. I never noticed having to use the restroom more while running because I am a teacher so I am use to holding it.

During my 2nd trimester, I ran a marathon and was still training for another.  I did speed work still but ended up stopping towards to end of the trimester because I didn’t find a point as I was getting slower.  I also was getting prenatal massages once a month to help with any soreness.  I did notice my Friday nights ended up with me resting on the couch more.



Please excuse my face, I do not make pretty faces when working out.  This photo is from when I was about 14ish weeks pregnant and I entered a charity Crossfit competition for fun.  Since it was for charity, it was not super serious.

For awhile, I did everything everyone else was doing.  However, I decided not to move up on weights and always stayed where I was before I was pregnant.  By the end of my 2nd trimester, I went down on some weights like Deadlifts and Overhead Squats.  I also used stronger bands for pull-ups.

Once my belly was out, I started doing “Pregnant Burpees” meaning I just jumped back to a plank and jumped back up.  For push-ups, I would put my hands on a box and do them that way.  I also did not do Box Jumps.  I would just do Step-Ups.

Somethings took me longer than usual because depending on the day, I might take awhile to get off the ground.  One website I would look at for advice was Crossfit Mom which looks like it is not a website anymore.

10517648_10203255464929684_9192613382432619196_o (1)


In the above picture, I am about 24ish weeks pregnant.  This to date is my slowest marathon. You can see I also fell during this marathon but luckily I just landed on my knees and hands.  They say you lose balance while pregnant but this was me listening to other people’s conversations and tripping on the one and only root. I was fine, nothing big.

Reason it was my slowest?  It was December and in the 70s.  The race also ran out of water which means I ran out of water.  Yes, I was carrying my own as trail races only have water every couple of miles but when I got to mile 12 and was empty, so was the race.  I didn’t get water again to mile 23 so I walked. That is why it was my slowest race.  I decided to be smart and just walk.

Enough about the bad race, let’s talk about running while pregnant.  I was starting to run slower during this trimester but not enough to make a huge difference.  For example, I ran a 5K about 2 weeks before this picture was taken and my 5K time was only about 2 minutes slower than usual. Really no big deal as my time could be 2 minutes slower on any given day.

I was running on the roads and on trails.  I also always made sure someone knew where I was.  My marathon long runs were with a running group.  If I was running by myself, I made sure my husband was home as he knows my neighborhood route.

I never ran with a pregnancy belt.  I would cramp up on my sides and I could tell where the baby was laying but I never felt like my belly was moving too much.  Maybe I just got use to it since I ran 4 times a week.  I never wore pregnancy running clothes either.  All my running clothes have really good stretch (and they did not stretch out as I still where them). For the most part, I felt pretty okay while running. As the weeks went on, I would put on compression socks when I finished a long run just to help with blood flow.

The biggest thing was I stopped doing track as I only had one speed now.  For me, it was better to just go on an easy run then try to push myself running 12 400s.


I do not have pictures of my doing yoga but I did start modifying some moves.  For example, cobras were a no go. As my bump got bigger, it would get in the way a lot during some moves.  For example, pigeon.  I couldn’t rest on the ground because my bump would not allow me.  I just worked with what I could and just tried to enjoy the stretches and the quiet.

Working Out in General:

My biggest piece of advice is only do what you are comfortable with and always listen to your body.  That should be advice for everyone, no matter what.

1st Trimester and Working Out

Before I start, I am not a doctor in any way, shape or form.  I am just writing about my experiences.

I found out I was pregnant at the beginning of August 2014.  I had a feeling I was pregnant because I went on an easy 3 mile run and I had to stop at 2.75 to dry-heave.  If I was going at a full-out sprint then I can see that but not for a relaxed easy run. I had run a half marathon the week before and felt fine.

Too be honest, I did not change my workout regime.  There was like a two-week period where I got nauseous while running but it went away pretty fast.  I worked out a lot before I became pregnant so my doctor was not concerned if I kept up my routine, as long as I did not add new things to the mix. I was also about to start marathon training which she was fine with because I would be running my 9th and 10th marathon.

My workout routine at that time was running 2 easy runs during the week, 1 track workout and 1 long run.  I also would do yoga once a week and crossfit a couple of times a week. I also did quick 12 minute HIIT workouts in the morning to wake-up.  I continued doing all that and did not need to scale anything that I had been doing.  I could still lie on my stomach (which is good because I am a tummy sleeper) so I could still do burpees and planks. I also had told my coaches I was pregnant so if they saw that I was taking a break then they knew why. I also drank plenty of water to keep myself hydrated. I think the biggest thing I changed was I carried a snack with me on shorter runs.  I normally do not eat while I run unless I am doing like 18+ miles but I was carrying food for even 6 miles just in case I got nauseous.  I did have morning sickness the first trimester but if I drank juice and ate Cheez-Its before I got out of bed then I was fine. I also normally only got sick on Tuesday nights which is weird.

I was very honest with my doctor upfront about my workouts and what my goal was and she was very supportive.  I also have a great group of friends who are supportive too. My husband also supported this routine. People could not tell I was pregnant from my workouts but could tell by not enjoying a beer after a really hot run.

If I ever have another kid, I plan on the same routine as long as my doctor okay it first.