May Barbella Box Review

When I saw the spoiler for the May barbella box, I knew I was going to get it. They had a product in it that I really wanted to try. Barbella Box is $49.99 a month but you can skip if you want. You only have a few days into the month to skip though.

IMG_20190611_133552174 (1)

  1. Fleo El Torro Leggings in Indigo Blue ($69.99)

Just by getting the box, I saved $20 on some Fleo leggings which never go on sale. This color was an exclusive for Barbella and it is a beautiful blue. I haven’t worked out in them because it is summer in Texas so I would die but when I tried them on, they are so soft. They are thick so they will be good in the winter. I have wanted to try these leggings since they came out so this was a no-brainer for me.

2. Lesser Evil Paleo Puffs

I haven’t tried these yet but might give to my husband or let him do a test first. It says it is made from coconut oil and coconut is something I truly hate. So if he says it tastes like coconut, then I know it will be 1000 times worst for me.

3. Hi Love Travel Fannie Pack ($42)

I grew up in the 90s so had my fair share of fannie packs but $42?!?!? Seems crazy to me. I know they are handy and convenient and music festival goers love them but no not for me.

Things not shown:

Pulse Skin Care Lip Balm ($4)- Haven’t tried it yet as I still have others I am currently using.

Good Wipes Down There Wipes- Not sure the necessity of these and I won’t use them.


While the other items in the box were eh, the leggings really made up for it and so worth it in my opinion. Want to try it? Go here.


Barbella Box July 2018 Review

The beginning of July was a crazy month as I was out-of-town, which means I forgot to skip my Barbella box. I have a planner on my desk but I go July-June (school calendar) and hadn’t put my reminder to look at the Barbella spoilers on Instagram. So I got one this month. Barbella Box is $49.99 a month but you can skip if you want. You only have a few days into the month to skip though.


This box was curated by Katrin Davidsdottir who has won the Crossfit Games in the past.

  1. Reebox Crossfit Front Rack Sports Bra ($45)

I am currently wearing this sports bra. It is really comfy and seems pretty supportive as I did a jump test. I am going to workout later today which is why I am wearing it. It is pretty lowcut though which doesn’t bother me but I know it bothers other people. How I will miss the summer and have to wear real clothes.

2. Zevia Sparkling Water ($1.99)

Just a sparkling water which I can drink but not my favorite. I haven’t tried this one.

3. Ascent Protein Single Serve ($3)

I normally do not take any kind of powders or special fuels but interested in trying protein since I am a vegetarian.

4. Makeup By Tracy Lip Glaze in Poster Girl ($24)

This lip glaze goes on very smooth. It is a pinkish-brown color which looked nice on.

5. Sparkly Soul Headband ($15)

I always wear headbands when I workout. I normally do cheap Goodie ones from Target and my more expensive ones for races (I normally wear Sweaty Bands.) This one is sparkly and silver, all things I love so I was excited to see this.

6. Be the Best Me Rubber bracelet


Pretty good value for everything you get. The bra is my favorite item as you can never have too many but I was also really happy to see the headband too. Interested in trying? You can go here.


April and May Updates

So to give a run down of events in April/May, I will do it in one blog post. I was going to do April’s by itself but then realized it was like May 25th and I would have to post May anyway.

Birthday Weekend:

My son turned 3 in April and we had a full weekend planned for him. We first did the Texas Children’s Hospital Family Fun Run. Afterwards, they have a huge party with games, bounce houses, etc. The only problem was that is freakishly cold. It was also drizzling the whole time so we didn’t stay as long as we thought.

My son also had his birthday party that day at The Little Gym. It was so easy for me. I just provided the cake, food, etc and they did the rest for us. So easy and fun for all the kids. Since the weather was so bad, the kids were really happy to get all their energy out.

The next day we went to his friend’s birthday party at a playground.

Running/Working Out/Fitness:

The half marathon I had been training for happened in April. It was the Blue Bell Half Marathon. It was their first time having a half marathon. My friends and I drove up the night before and slept in the town. The race itself is run by the local high school. It was very hilly through the country with beautiful flowers. Luckily, it was chilly out because some people got their first water station at mile 7. I got water at Mile 3 and Mile 7. The race organizers realized their mistake and say it will be better next time. When you finish, there is Blue Bell Ice Cream. Since it was cold, the high school opened their doors for the runners to go inside.


Blue Bell Half Marathon Scenery

We also as a family did a Cinco de Mayo 5k. My husband even placed in his age group and he does not really run anymore.

I ended May by doing the Murph at Crossfit. For those who do not know, the Murph was named after Michael P. Murphy who was a United States Navy SEAL officer. Each Memorial Day Weekend, people do this workout in his honor. It is a 1 mile run, 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, 300 air squats and end with another mile 1. Some people wear weight vests and others modify it to suit their skill/fitness level.


We have had a lot of fun these last couple of months. We went to a small local rodeo since my son had so much fun at the huge one. My sons favorite part at this rodeo is that they had little pig races and he saw a pig swim.

We also went camping in May. We normally only camp October-May because the summer months are just unbearable. My son had a lot of fun catching lightning bugs this time while we camped. He also liked the hammock we had between two trees.

For Mother’s Day we went to a brewery we really like but it is over an hour away. We were excited to go because they had recently opened up a kitchen and the food was really good.

The last thing we did was go blueberry picking. We only got about 1.5 pounds but that is plenty for us. We will probably go fruit picking another too this summer.

Barbella May Review 2018

So it has been awhile since I posted but I had computer issues for a while and then life. Anyways, I decided to get this months Barbella Box on purpose because Fleo had shorts in it and I love Fleo Shorts. They had four colors and you would be surprised which one you get. These are not sold in their shop. Plus Fleo shorts run from $42-50 and the Barbella Box costs $50 so kind of even.


Here is what I got:

  1. Fleo Shorts in Red Barbella Leaf ($44.95)

This is not the color I wanted but whatever. They have a group you can change colors/sizes but I don’t feel like going through that mess. They are the 3.25 length which is what I prefer. I wanted the purple pair(1st) or blue pair (last) from the picture below.

Image result for barbella box fleos

2. Native Deodorant ($12)

All natural deodorant which I have never tried before. It does smell good.

3. Gobi Gear Segsac 15L ($20)

My husband actually owns this exact one already. Basically it is a sac with 4 compartments in it. It is small but holds a lot. My husband uses it for camping, like one compartment holds his socks/underwear, one his shirts and so on. I think this would be good for dirty laundry while traveling.

4. Sandbar Handcare Bar Butter ($8)

I thought it was chapstick (which it can be) but it is for any burns or abrasions you have. So like chafing, rope burns etc. I think I will use it for chafing from running mostly.


They also included a sample of Hum Nutrition Raw Beauty Powder which is supposed to help your skin while giving you energy.

March Updates

As I am writing this, I am sitting at home, eating a Pop-Tart while my sick son is lying in my bed relaxing. It is very chaotic trying to get sub plans written while I am teaching but glad I could be here for my son. Anyway, it gives me a perfect time to write.


In March I was continuing the Crossfit Open with workouts 18.2-18.5. I think my favorite was 18.1 though. I think I gave my best performance too since I had been off for 6 weeks. I also stepped up my running to get ready for my half marathon. I also ran a 4 mile race where I ran 3 miles beforehand. The race is called the Brunch Run and I run it every year because the after party is great, my friends run it and it supports the park I run at. For the Brunch Run, I did it in 37:57 which is a 9:29 mile. I will take it.


We also went to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. This is a big deal in Houston. It is like 21 days long and huge. We went the night Kelsea Ballerini played. While we didn’t really know her, we enjoyed the show. We walked the Livestock Show to see the animals, go to the petting zoo, etc before we watched the rodeo. The rodeo is before the concert. Personally, I love the Calf Scramble and Mutton Bustin the best. I did not grow up with a rodeo and didn’t know how much I would love but now it is a tradition that we go once a year.


Houston Rodeo


This month I tried Goat Yoga for the first time. Yes, goat yoga! Basically you do yoga and there are goats around you. You can pet them, pick them up, whatever. They even put the goats on you. It was so much fun.


Wheel Pose with a goat

We also went camping on the beach with some friends. I have camped at the beach before but we were on the beach. It was nice to hear the ocean waves at night. The only negative was that when we got up in the morning, there were mosquitoes every where!

We decided to also go to GermanFest this month. I have heard of GermanFest before but never been. We randomly ran into another family we know while we were there. My son loved that they had pony rides.

As a family we also went to the Houston Zoo. I am a member so I get one person in for free. It was so crowded the day we went (Good Friday) because a lot of people had off, it was beautiful out and the animals were opening Easter Eggs. We still had fun and my son loved riding the Carousel and feeding the Giraffes.


We ended the month with a couple Easter related things. I went to my sons Easter Egg Hunt at school which was fun. We also went to an Easter Egg hunt at No Label Brewery. The only problem with that one was that my son did not get any eggs because the older kids took them all. He did get to meet the Easter Bunny though. We also went to another free Easter celebration called Baskets and Bunnies and they separated the kids by age groups and their egg hunts were on different fields so that was nice but quick. I might have been a little too competitive because my son only picked up random eggs and would skip over some. I wanted him to pick them all up but I also know it is good that my son is not greedy.


Easter Bunny at No Label. My son gave him his monkey.


Barely collecting eggs.

That was our month. Really busy but a fun month. My son did go swimming with his dad on the roof of a building downtown and I felt awful for my husband because it was freezing. My son didn’t care.

Barbella Box February 2018 Review

So in February, I forgot to put my Barbella Box on hold, or I didn’t forget but was too late. I really didn’t want this one because I knew I had some big medical bills to pay. I also owed money for some rooms on an upcoming family vacation. So this was an expense I didn’t need. I only keep this subscription just because they once had a pair of shorts I really wanted.



  1. Vull Sport Speckled Barbellsa Sports Bra ($48)

So this sports bra is not a high neck nor a low neck, just right in the middle. It comes with removable pads too. It’s really pretty, it is white/gray color with dark gray specks. I wore it during my workout on Friday night and it was very comfy, supportive and you didn’t really notice you were wearing a sports bra. This one was made just for the box but it is very similar to the Vull Sports Evolve Bra except this one has slightly wider shoulder straps. You can find that bra here.

2. LSTN Sound Co Crescent Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds ($99)

I don’t wear bluetooth earbuds but my husband does. What is a shame is he just got a nice pair for Christmas.

3. EXO Chalk ($14.99)

This is just a block of chalk. I didn’t know how expensive chalk is. While my gym has chalk buckets, I will be giving this to my husband because he has a chalk bag since he is getting into rock climbing.

4. RX bar Chocolate Sea Salt ($2.50)

Just 4 ingredients make this bar. A lot of people I know really like these. I am not a bar person so it went to my husband.

5. Barbella Strong Vinyl Sticker ($1.99)

A sticker.


So that is what I got in this one. I do really like the sports bra which is the price of the box so it is a win, especially with a $100 pair of earbuds.

Barbella October 2017 Review

I did not mean to get this Barbella box.  Basically, I am signed up for them but you can skip months.  I have only gotten one box and while I liked that box, I only got it for the shorts. I kept on their membership just to see what else they have. However, this month I forgot to press skip, which made me mad because I didn’t need this box and I try to save money by not buying stuff I do not need.  So here is my review for a box I didn’t want to get.

Barbella October 2017


  1. Chestee Bra ($62)

While the bra is a big item, it is not my style. It has padding all the way to the next to protect your collarbone against barbell impact (like cleans). I think that is a cool idea, but I wear a shirt when I workout so wearing bras that go all the way to the neck is kind of awkward under the shirt and just makes me feel weird.

2. WODDice($27.99)

This is another cool idea. You roll the dice and it makes a workout for you with the movement, how many reps to do, etc. I just do not see myself using this.

3. WOD & Done Thumb Protection ($9)

I use WOD & Done hand grips but have never used the thumb protection.  I do not rip on my thumb(now, I probably will) and I wear gloves when lifting weight so again, an item I will probably not use.

4. Yumbutter ($6.99)

I am a really picky eater so this will go to my husband. I am weird on textures.

5. Pulse Brave Bar ($6.95)

This was not on their information card so I got the price from the Pulse Skin Co website. I am not the biggest fan of bar soap because it dries out my already dry skin but I will give this one a shot.

Avenue A Fall 2017 Review

I found out about Avenue A a couple of months ago and was on the fence about ordering it because it is a lot of money. Then I decided to bite the bullet but they were sold out so I had to wait until this season to get one.

Why I finally decided? So I workout almost daily. In the summer it is everyday but during the school year it is 6 days a week. My bad habit though? I never buy shoes.  I only buy shoes when my shoe is basically falling apart. Is that bad? Yes. While I do have shoes just for crossfit, my everyday shoe for walking is just old marathon shoes which have no padding or traction left.

So what is Avenue A? It is a box for women from Adidas. They have a box 4 times a year and it costs $150 but you get to keep everything.  You fill out a size/fit profile. You can choose to skip a box if you do not like the spoiler.

So what did I get:IMG_20170818_184502996

Performer Strappy Tank($28), Halter Bra($45), and Supernova 7/8 Tight($75)


Excuse my dresser again, I promise I do close it. I was just in the middle of grabbing some shirts.

The items: the tank is very loose but it is suppose to be. If you are bigger chested, you will be showing a lot of bra. If you are smaller chested, you will show some but not like I am. The shirt does become fitted more around the hips and is very light weight. I thought about requesting a smaller side but then worry it will be too snug around my stomach and hips. I’m going to try it out on a run because I think it might work for that.

The bra, well it is not my style because I don’t like how high the neck is.  I also never workout in just a sports bra so I always have a shirt on. I could see this work if you like being shirtless while working out.

The running tights are heavy! Or I should say for me.  I only have crops and I only wear them a handful of times a year(it takes a lot for me to cover up). These would be good if it is in the low 30s and colder. Again, this is for me.  I wear shorts until it is in the low 40s/high 30s, then I switch to crops. I get hot really fast. I did not do a squat test, so I am not sure on their sheerness, so I do not know if these would work for other things besides running.  Most of the time, running tights are only for running and not meant for activities where you bend. I do know they show every bump, so VPL is shown.


From the back.

Adidas Adizero Tempo 9 ($120)


These are pretty common running shoes and I use to run in something similar so I will be wearing these for running and not just around. I personally like the color as I do not have any shoes around that color. I personally like color and I always stay away from whites and blacks.

Sunglasses ($99)


I love the color I got. Different people received different colors but mine match the shoes and tank. These are a nice pair of sunglasses. A lot nicer than everything else I own because I just wear glasses I got for free at different booths.


Final thoughts: all the items add up to be $367. I think that is a great deal for $150.

Barbella Box July Review

I have never done Barbella Box before but I love Fleo shorts and when Fleo shorts said they were putting a pair in the July box, plus I found a $5 off coupon, then the box became cheaper than the shorts are. So I signed up. Just so you know, I paid for this box. I am not that fancy where I get free things.

Barbella July 2017 Box

Cost: $49.99 a month. If you sign up for more, it gets cheaper.


I put numbers so that you can see each item.

  1. Fleo Shorts( $48)

These shorts came  in 4 different colors and you did not get to pick. So I got the blue pair but there was also a purple pair, green pair, and an orange/red pair.  I really wanted the blue pair so I was so excited when I saw them!

2. WOD Bottom Beach Bum Headband($16.99)

It is a wider headband than what I normally would wear but it fits well and feels like it would stay on diuring a workout. It also came with a 25% off coupon to their store.

3. Pro-Tec Athletics Spiky Ball($9.95)

This one is for the foot and good for preventing injuries but also help if you have injuries like plantar fasciittis which my husband has had.  Even though it says it is for the foot, I will be using it for other parts like my shoulder or legs.

4. Eat Your Coffee Energy Bar($2.50)

I am saving this for my husband as I cannot stand coffee.

5. Little Moon Essentials Clear Mind Mist($3.99)

This is not pictured because the shorts were covering them and I did not notice. So this is a spray you can put in the air or on your clothes to give you a little wake-up call.  Once I go back to work, I will try it out.

There was also a coupon for a free sample of Halo Top Ice Cream.  I have never tried that but have wanted to.

All in all, I think you get a lot of good stuff for the price. Will I continue the box? I am not sure since I did it for the Fleos. I will see what spoilers they give for next month and then decide.

You can sign up here.

Workouts Lately

Now that my life has settled some, I can give a longer update. One of my biggest problems is my mind is bigger than the time of day.  Basically, I have all these grand schemes but I always run out of time because I over schedule myself. One thing I always try to find time for is a workout each day because I go crazy without one. So during the week, I do a short workout right when I wake up.  They usually last about 10 minutes, maybe shorter, maybe longer. I switch it up each day.  Some of them include Fabletics, Emily Skye, and Blogilates. I find working out right when I wake up gives me some energy through the day. Otherwise I workout at night expect on the weekends.  Here is a schedule I have found for me that works:

Sunday- Recovery 3 mile run, yoga (I like Yoga with Adrienne on youtube)

Monday- Crossfit

Tuesday- Sprint work or sometimes just a 3 miler depending on my schedule

Wednesday- Crossfit

Thursday- 3 mile run with friends

Saturday- Long run

Changes for the summer though include a Body Pump class on Fridays and a run after crossfit on Wednesdays.  Since it is summer, I also walk my dog during the mornings and take my son on walks with friends.

My son is in the stroller on Thursdays and Sundays.  On Saturdays I try to get finished with my run by 9 so my husband can go to crossfit.  He also goes on Tuesdays/Thursday while I watch my son.  We can never go together.

Some other things I have done the past months:

Crossfit related:

I completed in the Open but the scaled division.  I did a lot better than I thought and realized I can be a lot stronger than I thought.  I also did the Murph over Memorial Day.  For those who do not know, the Murph is 1 mile run, 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, 300 air squats and then another mile run.  I broke up the workout by 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups and 15 squats 20 times.  I did it a lot faster than I thought I could.  I used a band for pull-ups and went on my knee for push-ups. I also have a new favorite pair of crossfit shorts called Fleos.  They are short, which worried me, but they are really comfy and I can finally squat without restriction and they keep me covered. You can find them here

Running related: 

I completed a Half Marathon in April with my best friend.  We did it more relaxed since it was pretty warm.  We also didn’t train for it.  I did though, place 1st in age group at a small local 5k.  I was not expecting it because I did it as a catch up on girl talk run with my friend as we were both under the weather. I did sign up for Houston Marathon again so we will see how training goes this year.

Just a note, I do not get paid for anything I recommend, like the shorts, nor do I get free stuff.  I just wanted to talk about it.

Posts coming up soon, another Kidbox review, Camping with toddler tips, and some more travel blogs once I actually travel.