November 2018 Update

Holiday season has come and gone and as always, as it is with most people, it was very busy. So I will update on the holidays later this week but let’s do a November update first.


I started November by going on a girls trip or a Mom’s Weekend if you will. Basically, we all met in the same playdate group and have become friends. One mom has a beach house in her family so once a year, we get it for the weekend. I went down on Friday night with one of the moms. We stayed up drinking, eating and chatting.

IMG_20181103_084125855 (1)

Beach jump after surfing

The next day I woke up early with a few of the moms who we all did Stand Up Paddleboard. It was so cold outside and windy but the water was actually a nice temperature. The waves? Not so much. We all had a lot of difficulties. So we played instead and I surfed instead. I have not surfed since 2013 and I miss it. I had so much fun surfing. I definitely need to get out there more. We spent the rest of the day eating, walking on the beach, drinking and hanging out. Lots of laugh. We left on Sunday. There was about 8 of us. I always love Mom Weekend.

Family and Friends

When I got back home from Moms Weekend, it was my nephews bday party so we went to that. It was just family and really nice.

IMG_20181112_100422025 (1)

Zoo Sprouts

I took my son to the zoo for one a class. The zoo has classes called Zoo Sprouts where they teach little toddlers about the animals. My son loves the classes so I took a day off from work and we had a fun day at the zoo.

IMG_20181113_190050039 (1)

Zoo Lights

The day after our zoo trip, we went back for the members only Zoo Lights sneak peek. I highly recommend going then because it is not as crowded so it is more enjoyable.

We, as in my son and I, went to a bday party for a baby. My son had fun playing with the toys and eating cake. We couldn’t stay long at the party because I was meeting some friends for dinner that night.


I ran in the Cypress Half Marathon. I have done this race the last 3 years I think. The course is flat and usually the weather cooperates. This year was not my year. My time is perfectly fine but I was in pain. My foot has been hurting on and off and it was definitely on that day. Because of that, my core was also hurting because of overcompensating for my foot. It was still fun though.


We went to my mom’s house for Thanksgiving this year. We arrived on Wednesday and hung out with my family. We did a little Christmas celebration since my family wouldn’t see my son at Christmas. We also went to my moms friends house for a Thanksgiving party. That night I got drinks with my college roommate/best friend. It was nice to catch up.

IMG_20181122_124105267 (1)

Thanksgiving walk to see the ducks

Thanksgiving lunch was at my mom’s house this year so I helped her cook some of the dishes. My husband and I ran in the Chesterfield Turkey Trot which is such a hilly course. I forget every time how hilly it is. It is a nice way to start the day though.

On Friday, my son, husband and I went to the St. Louis Zoo. There was nobody there. We got great free parking and the zoo is free too. We had a lot of fun looking at all of the zoo animals. When we got back, we went to a new brewery called Greer Brewery. It was really nice, lots of games, they serve pretzels and has great beers so it was a winner for us.

Our last full day in St. Louis was Saturday. My husband and I ran in the Girl Scout Run for Cookies 5K with one of our Houston friends. Another hilly race but always fun. They have hot chocolate and girl scout cookies when you finish. I was actually surprised and placed 2nd in my age group.


That was my November. Doesn’t seem like much but it was really busy but a lot of fun too.



Kidbox Winter 2018 Review

I did not mean to get a Kidbox right now. My son has a lot of clothes and he is in the middle of transitioning between sizes. However, I was out-of-town when I got the e-mail and when I got home and remembered to say “skip” it was too late. It did workout though because winter came early and we realized we hardly have any long-sleeves.

Here is how it works:

  1. Go to the website and fill out a style survey. They ask for things such as colors to avoid, what do you need more of, what will they not wear, their style.
  2. They only ship out 5 times a year but you can skip a season if you would like.
  3. Review the box. You have 7 days before you are billed. If you keep everything, it is $98. If you keep only a few pieces, they offer it at a discount.
  4. Ship back what you do not want.
  5. If you kept it all, pick a charity you want Kidbox to donate clothes to.

We did not keep the whole box because we only needed a few pieces.  Here is what we got:

IMG_20181119_194431745 (1)

IMG_20181119_193800472 (2)

  1. Adidas Long Sleeve $17

We kept this shirt because we need more long sleeve shirts. We liked that it was not white and he does play soccer.

2. Puma 2 Piece Hoodie and Pant Set $42

This set was cute but the pants looked huge. Also, my son is sort of a nudist so getting him to wear a hoodie takes a miracle. He has even had to miss recess a few times for it. So we returned it.

3. Flapdoodles Boys Raglan Tee $13

It is long sleeves, soft and blue so we kept. Blue shirts really make my sons eyes pop.

4. Miki B Boys Camo Joggers $26

I hate camo, I really do. Plus these felt almost like PJ material so back they went.

5. Nanette Batman Tee $12

My son loves Batman but this went back because of the T-shirt problem. Plus I could always get him a Batman shirt later on at Target or Old Navy.

6. Paper Demin and Cloth Boys Jean $33

These went back as we did not need any jeans currently.

7. Reebox Boys Tee $17

Again, short sleeve so it went back.

The area we live in does not get cold often or for too long but our son only had like 5 long-sleeved shirts and I was sick of washing them constantly so I was only looking for long sleeves.

Want to try Kidbox? Go here

October 2018 FoodStirs Review

We did this box a few weeks ago but just go around the posting about it. So every two months we get a FoodStirs box. Foodstirs is a baking subscription box and if you are on the plan, they send you a box every other month. October was a Halloween theme box. They include everything you need for the dry ingredients. They also include the decorations. I just needed to provide the eggs, butter, and yogurt.

This month it was monster chocolate chip cookie sandwiches. It was really easy to make and my son loves helping. He helped stirred the cookie mix and the icing mix. He loved the cookies and thought they were a lot of fun. It helps that Halloween is his favorite holiday.

IMG_20181106_172003337 (1)

We love this box and my son gets so excited to see it. Want to give it a try? Go here

September/August Updates

Since I never gave an update on September, I will do that now, twelve days into November.


It seems like a lifetime ago, man work got busy.


We started off September with a really bad ear infection in one ear and a little infection in the other year. Of course this happened during Labor Day weekend so we had to go to one of those pediatric clinics. At least he got relief. We also went to his friend’s birthday party the next weekend. It was at a gymnastics place that has a foam pit. The kids spent most of the party in the foam pit. The next weekend he had another friends birthday party but this one at a brewery with a playground. The brewery has a huge yard so the kids had fun running around and playing on the playground while the adults could enjoy themselves. We also went to a monthly Farmer’s Market by our house which is always fun to walk around. The last weekend in the month, we went to another brewery with a playdate group. The kids played giant connect four, and since it has a gravel ground, they all brought toys to play in the gravel with.

Working Out

Marathon training started the month before so just gradually increasing my mileage. I try to do yoga the day after a long run just to stretch out my muscles. The only other thing I did differently this month during my workouts was that I participated in the St. Jude Walk/Run. I did the run in pouring rain but I love St. Jude and it is one charity I will always donate to.



IMG_20181007_095350875_HDR (1)

Mission La Bahia

We started October with our first camping trip for the season. We went to Goliad State Park and went to the presidio and mission in the area(history nerd here). While there we went to Goliad Brewery which was very laid back and they had a playground so my son was happy. Since October is also Halloween month, we started it by going to Zoo Boo. My son loves Halloween and enjoyed the Halloween activities at the zoo. We also went to everyone’s first Texans game. My husband was given his company seats for the game so we were just a few rows up from the field. Since we got 4 tickets, we invited my friend to come with us. We went camping one more time this month but this time with friends for a going away party. The place we camped was really cool and not that far from us. We again went to the local farmers market and visited a pumpkin patch to pick out our pumpkin. I carved it into Green Lego Ninjago(Lloyd) because that is what was requested.

IMG_20181026_203554087 (1)

Our Spiderman

We ended Halloween month with two Trunk or Treat events. We didn’t really go trick-or-treating on Halloween because it was raining. We just did two houses.

Working Out

Just kept running. I did run at Goliad State Park which was fun because it is different. I went to go cheer at a half marathon. The day before, I coached my group because the coaches were running the half marathon the next day. So I went out on the course and cheered for them. I always enjoy cheering.


So that was 2 months in a real quick summary.


Food entry

Today’s post is just going to be some recipes. I have a build up of recipes so I thought I would just do one big post on it.

Skillet Roasted Okra and Sausage

Recipe: This one is real easy.  Just cook up some sausage and part way through, add fresh-cut okra slices. Add whatever seasonings you want (we did cajun) and bam it is done.

Ease: 5/5

Husbands Rating: 5/5

Changes: None


972 (2) (1)

Turkey Lasagna

Ease: 4/5

Husbands Rating: 5/5

Changes: I didn’t add onion or garlic because I forgot. I also used the entire tomato paste little can.

Recipe:  You can find it here


979 (2) (1)

I had another one but couldn’t find the recipe so there is that.

October 2018 Stitch Fix Review

Last week I got my Stitch Fix. The photos are horrible quality and weird angles. My husband was lying down and refused to get up. I would have redone them but I was done for the night. I always ask my husband for his opinions and then I text the pictures to two of my very honest friends for their opinions too.

If you are new to Stitch Fix, this is how it works:

1. Fill out your Style Profile. This gives detail on your style, sizes, budget and anything else like a link to your pinterest board.

2. Once you have “ordered” your box, they will send you 5 items from a personal stylists.  It is a $20 styling fee which is applied as a credit toward anything you keep. I actually have a Style Pass(I have no idea how I got it) which means I pay $49 for the whole year instead and I get a one-time $49 credit.

3. Try everything on. They send you Style Cards with recommendations on how to wear your outfit.  You have three days to decide what you do and do not want.

4. Buy what you like and return the rest. If you keep all 5 items, you get 25% off your entire purchase.  Don’t like something, they send you a pre-paid mailing bag to drop in the mailbox.  It is free shipping.

Here is what I got:

IMG_20181008_113919739 (1)

Papermoon Larie Crew Neck Blouse ($44) and Democracy Kathryn Bootcut Jean ($68)

IMG_20181005_195954944 (1)

I kept the blouse. I thought it would be a nice top for teaching that I could wear with jeans but also professional pants. The jeans fit great but when I unbuttoned them, the zipper automatically went down. If I am paying $68 for jeans then I want them to be really sturdy.

Same jeans and Papermoon Ampton Back Detail Knit Top ($34)

IMG_20181005_200055712 (1)

This top was so soft and was almost a keep. My two reasons for not keeping it: not a fan of olive colors and thought the blouse was more professional. I had decided to only keep one item even before I opened the box because I am trying to spend less money and put more into savings. You know, being adult and all.

Same jeans and top from above and Just USA Starling Denim Jacket ($68)

IMG_20181005_200137247 (1)

First, the jacket would not button on me so fit was a no go. Second, not a fan of denim jackets. I don’t think I have ever owned a denim jacket and I am not going to start now. For the people who love denim jackets, good for you and I am sure they look fab on you, just not a fan for myself.

Market & Spruce Britta T-shirt Dress ($64)

IMG_20181005_200319357 (1)

This was almost a win too. I love t-shirt dresses. However, not a fan of the price. My friend also did not like the neckline and sleeve detail. I also own a lot of striped items so maybe if this was different print or even colors because most of my striped items are black/white or white/navy.

Want to try Stitch Fix? Go here.

Foodstirs August 2018 Review

It’s been a month. Let’s just get started on a Foodstirs review. We actually did this one a few weeks ago but yeah. So every two months we get a FoodStirs box. Foodstirs is a baking subscription box and if you are on the plan, they send you a box every other month. August was a summer theme box. They include everything you need for the dry ingredients. They also include the decorations. I just needed to provide the eggs, butter, and water.

This month was a boat themed caramel brownies. Please excuse the messy table, we had all of our brownies ingredients out. This one was pretty easy and I liked baking the brownies in cupcake cups instead of a brownie pan, that way your kid gets their own already portioned brownie. Plus you put a piece of caramel candy in the middle. This one needed a lot of parent help especially if your kid is really young. I had to poke holes for the flag and tape the bowl. My son really had fun though and couldn’t wait to show his dad what we made.IMG_20180923_190039201 (2)

Want to try it? Go here.

Foods I have cooked

I have been cooking, my husband has just not taken any pictures and sent them to me. So this will post will just have four different recipes and our thoughts.

Best Sausage and Pepper Recipe (their title, not mine)

Husbands rating: Not good. He thinks it might have been good if he ate it right out of the oven and not as lunch leftovers because he said the peppers did not reheat well.

Ease: 5/5

Changes: Did not use red vinegar.

Recipe: You can go here



Healthy Chicken Parmesan

Husbands rating: Can’t remember but I don’t think he really liked it. I want to say that he thought the chicken might be dry.

Ease: 5/5. Real easy.

Changes: None

Recipe: You can go here.


Crockpot Chicken Fajita

Husbands Rating: I think he really enjoyed this one.

Ease: 4.5/5. Just hard to cut chicken into strips once it is in there.

Changes: None. I do not think my husband used tortillas, just like a fajita bowl.

Recipe: You can go here.


Tuna Salad

Husbands Rating: 5/5

Ease: 5/5

Changes: None, I made it up.

Recipe: I took two cans of tuna, added a bunch of mayo, some mustard, added a cut up onion and some cut up celery. Mix it all together and that is what he wanted.


August Update

It has been awhile. I really didn’t mean for it to be. Back to school has really hit me hard as I moved to a new school in my district this year so the start might have been a bit rougher. Anyway, time for updates:


I had a set back this month which I will get to at the end. I couldn’t work out for about a week which doesn’t seem bad but then could only use one arm for like another two weeks (until really today). I did run one race this month which is one I really enjoy. I did the El Chupacabra de Houston Nighttime Trail Race 10K. I have done this race for many years. This is one of the few times during the year I get to run trails so I really enjoy it. My race was just eh. I hadn’t been running, couldn’t bend one arm and just struggling with the heat. Despite all of that, I finished and only a few minutes worse than last year. Hopefully next year I will do better.

Marathon training has also officially begun again.


I went back to work at the beginning of the month and my son went back too. We are trying hard to stick to our night routine of playing a game as a family and reading together. Before I went back to work, my friends threw a huge End of Summer playdate so it was nice to see everyone before I become too busy to do anything. Other things we have done:

  • Gone to 2 going away parties for our friends(two separate couples)
  • Gone to the zoo as a whole family
  • Gone to a MLB game. The Astros have a Astros Buddies Program where you get 4 tickets to a game, backpack, socks, hat, etc for like $28.
  • Gone to 11 Below Brewery

Things I have done:

  • Two separate brunches with friends
  • Saw the play Mousetrap. Highly recommend it. Very fun night.


This is the year of emergency room visits for myself. So on August 11th, I had just gotten done running and was taking my dog on a walk. We have this 1 mile route I like in my neighborhood. As we were walking there were two loose dogs, a little one and a big one. The big one started running towards my dog (who was on his leash). I picked up my dog (he is like 19 lbs) and the big dog jumped and grabbed my elbow and the jumped again. I thought he has gotten my dog. I started screaming and running towards some doorbells when I saw a car coming. The car stopped and let me in. At this point, I see blood everywhere and I thought it was from my dog when I looked at my arm. The lady drove me home and got my husband to help me as my dog was protecting me too much for her to help. This lady was a lifesaver and I feel so bad as I got blood all over her car. My husband started cleaning my wound and took me to the emergency room. They did x-rays, gave me a tetanus shot and sent me home when they determined nothing serious was wrong. They couldn’t do stitches because the dogs bacteria would have been stuck in my body. I was all wrapped up and was bleeding for a few days. I still made it to the Astros game but like the 4th inning. I put a warning out to my neighborhood and was given the dogs owner. The hospital had called Animal Control and I put in a police report. It is now three weeks later and I still have one scab, the rest have fallen off, can’t move my arm completely yet and have some scars that still pus when move. I saw the dog loose the other day. I am terrified to walk my dog that path because of that dog. I don’t want that dog put down but that lady has no business owning it. I would also like her to pay for my medical bills when they come in but I was told by the police I would have to sue.

So yeah, that was my August.

Kidbox Back to School 2018 Review

My husband and I decided to get my son another Kidbox with his next size up. Not that he is there yet but it will be nice to have once he gets there.

Here is how it works:

  1. Go to the website and fill out a style survey. They ask for things such as colors to avoid, what do you need more of, what will they not wear, their style.
  2. They only ship out 5 times a year but you can skip a season if you would like.
  3. Review the box. You have 7 days before you are billed. If you keep everything, it is $98. If you keep only a few pieces, they offer it at a discount.
  4. Ship back what you do not want.
  5. If you kept it all, pick a charity you want Kidbox to donate clothes to.

In this box we also got a water bottle and a coupon. Kidbox has another box called Kidsentials  and they are $30/box which gives you socks and underwear. The coupon is to try is for $15. We will probably try it but his next size. We signed him for the sporty style box.


  1. Adidas Boys Logo Tee $20, their price $15
  2. Lee Color Block Raglan Short Sleeve $33, their price $25
  3. DKNY Boys Subway Raglan Tee $18, their price $14
  4. Puma Boys Color Block Fleece $34, their price $26
  5. Puma Boys French Terry Jogger $36, their price $27
  6. Lee Boys Slim Fit Stretch Denim Jean $36, their price $27
  7. Reebox Boys 3PC Set $66, their price $50

So all the prices come to $243 or $184 their price. However, if you keep everything it is only $98.

We like almost everything in this box. The Puma sweatshirt is not my favorite but my son will not wear coats but will wear a sweatshirt so it will work for his school cubby. I do wish there was maybe one long-sleeve top but our winter was so nice last year that this year will probably be terrible(meaning really warm) and we might not really need any this year.

Want to try it yourself? Go here.