Gulf Shores Trip

For the last few years, almost my whole family( just missing an aunt and uncle) have been going on family trips. The reason? My mom is a twin and those two with their kids and husbands would go on family trips. It ended at the end of the 1980s and my dad missed how close the family was. My dad died in 2015 and to honor him, my sisters and I wanted to restart them. We started small with just us and my mom, then added my aunt and now my cousins too. So we have spouses and kids which makes it bigger. This year it was my job to plan the trip. I picked Gulf Shores, Alabama because I had never been but heard good things about it.

Here is how the trip went:


We decided to fly in to Mobile which is about 1 hour away. My family is mostly in the Missouri/Illinois area but I am not there. We are the only ones who flew. When my husband, son and I landed, we went to a brewery in Mobile called Haight Blue. The beer selection was very small but the place was cool and had a nice view. We then stopped to buy some groceries and drove to the house we rented.

IMG_20190621_151006274 (1)

Haight Blue Brewery

The house we rented looked small but it was huge. It had 10 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. Plus a wraparound screened porch. The best part? Private beach in the bay. When my son saw that, he immediately got in the water and was ready to play. The house also had a private dock across the street with a slide.

IMG_20190624_095759858_HDR (1)

The house


My husband forgot his swimsuit so we went in to actual Gulf Shores to get him one. We did lunch at Tacky Jacks and then went to Big Beach Brewing. Big Beach has a ton of beers. Very laid back, we really enjoyed it. Afterwards, I met up with my mom, aunt, sister and uncle to go on a dolphin boat tour. The tour was called Sunny Lady and we saw some many dolphins. My son loved seeing them all. The boat captain even had a parrot that the kids could pet.


My little family did family pictures on the beach in the morning. We used Orange Beach Family Photography. I liked her a lot. The session was a quick mini one but she got some good photos.  When we got back to our rented house, it was a lazy day. Most people just hung out on the porch or played in the water. My son had sand toys so he played on the beach a lot. One time when we were in the water, a dolphin swam up and was about 10 feet away from my son. One of my sisters and I decided to go parasailing. She went when she was like 10 in Mexico and I had never been. We loved it! It was probably my favorite part of the whole trip. It was so much fun. When we were in the air, we were able to see schools of sting rays and a tiger shark.


Time to go home. We got some more beach time in before we packed up the house and left. It was a quick trip but a good one.

IMG_20190622_085851187 (1)

Private Beach


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