May Barbella Box Review

When I saw the spoiler for the May barbella box, I knew I was going to get it. They had a product in it that I really wanted to try. Barbella Box is $49.99 a month but you can skip if you want. You only have a few days into the month to skip though.

IMG_20190611_133552174 (1)

  1. Fleo El Torro Leggings in Indigo Blue ($69.99)

Just by getting the box, I saved $20 on some Fleo leggings which never go on sale. This color was an exclusive for Barbella and it is a beautiful blue. I haven’t worked out in them because it is summer in Texas so I would die but when I tried them on, they are so soft. They are thick so they will be good in the winter. I have wanted to try these leggings since they came out so this was a no-brainer for me.

2. Lesser Evil Paleo Puffs

I haven’t tried these yet but might give to my husband or let him do a test first. It says it is made from coconut oil and coconut is something I truly hate. So if he says it tastes like coconut, then I know it will be 1000 times worst for me.

3. Hi Love Travel Fannie Pack ($42)

I grew up in the 90s so had my fair share of fannie packs but $42?!?!? Seems crazy to me. I know they are handy and convenient and music festival goers love them but no not for me.

Things not shown:

Pulse Skin Care Lip Balm ($4)- Haven’t tried it yet as I still have others I am currently using.

Good Wipes Down There Wipes- Not sure the necessity of these and I won’t use them.


While the other items in the box were eh, the leggings really made up for it and so worth it in my opinion. Want to try it? Go here.


March-May Updates

It is officially summer break for me and I am so excited! I do have a couple trainings in June but for the most part, I am done. So might as well catch up.


In Houston, Rodeo season is a pretty big deal. In March I went to two days. My whole family saw Turnpike Troubadours while my girlfriends and I saw Panic at the Disco the very next day. I love Rodeo season and my son keeps asking to take him back. He loves the show but also walking around and looking at animals.

IMG_20190302_152316000 (1).jpg

Rodeo Time

I also went and saw the musical Anastasia with some friends. It was so nice to see a movie that I loved growing up put in musical form. The costumes were amazing! It was different from the movie but no big deal.

For a big part of March, my son was really sick and it lasted for a couple days which means my husband and I also became very sick so that was not fun at all.


We started the month with our dogs 14th birthday. Not that he cares but our son was excited about it. We then had the Texas Children’s Hospital Fun Run. We do the 1K but the after party is so much fun. They have snacks, games, booths, and lots of inflatable climbing things. My son had so much fun.

We then had our sons 4th birthday. We don’t but many gifts. He got a book, an outfit and then he took him to the mall to go to the Lego Store and the Disney Store. He could pick out one toy from each place. My son picked out a Batman play set that the Lego workers recommended for him and then an action figure from the Disney Store. This was so easy and something we will do every year.

My son was invited to his friends party and it was a good old McDonald’s party. Lots of nostalgia and the kids had a great time. I also had my friends baby shower in April.

For Easter we went to a few events. We started with a gymnastics place that had an egg hunt and open gym. My son loved playing at the gymnastics studio. We then went to a brewery for a small egg hunt. The weekend of Easter, we went to a play date at a friends house, and an egg hunt at another brewery. On Easter we went out to eat and the restaurant had an egg hunt and then to another brewery for an egg hunt.  Yes, a lot of egg hunts but my son is not one that has to collect them all. He is good with just getting 1-3 eggs and then will say he is done. One of the breweries we went to, my son didn’t get any eggs because the older kids took them all. He found an empty egg and was completely fine with that. So he didn’t really get many eggs and he was fine with it. At two of the breweries, there were beer tokens in the eggs and to him that was the best.

IMG_20190414_160148187 (1)

Easter Egg Hunts


We started May with my sons party. We had it at a rock gym this time around. He seemed to really enjoy it.

IMG_20190505_164731315 (1)

Party Time

I also raced in a Cinco De Mayo 5K. My time was not what I wanted. My husband didn’t run because he injured himself in March and hasn’t been running or doing anything with jumping.

I threw a baby shower for a friend and met my husband for dinner afterwards. The shower went over well. I don’t really enjoy throwing showers because I am not fancy nor do I like shower games or overly fancy showers. So when I throw one it is more just relaxed. I do not like them but I keep volunteering to throw them.

For Memorial Day weekend, we started at the zoo to learn about lions and then went to the pool with our friends.  Lastly, I did complete the Murph over the weekend. Murph is a workout that consists of 1 mile run, 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, 300 squats and then another 1 mile run. The workout gets it name in honor of Michael Patrick “Murph” Murphy who was a United States Navy SEAL officer.


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