Foodstirs August 2018 Review

It’s been a month. Let’s just get started on a Foodstirs review. We actually did this one a few weeks ago but yeah. So every two months we get a FoodStirs box. Foodstirs is a baking subscription box and if you are on the plan, they send you a box every other month. August was a summer theme box. They include everything you need for the dry ingredients. They also include the decorations. I just needed to provide the eggs, butter, and water.

This month was a boat themed caramel brownies. Please excuse the messy table, we had all of our brownies ingredients out. This one was pretty easy and I liked baking the brownies in cupcake cups instead of a brownie pan, that way your kid gets their own already portioned brownie. Plus you put a piece of caramel candy in the middle. This one needed a lot of parent help especially if your kid is really young. I had to poke holes for the flag and tape the bowl. My son really had fun though and couldn’t wait to show his dad what we made.IMG_20180923_190039201 (2)

Want to try it? Go here.


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