August Update

It has been awhile. I really didn’t mean for it to be. Back to school has really hit me hard as I moved to a new school in my district this year so the start might have been a bit rougher. Anyway, time for updates:


I had a set back this month which I will get to at the end. I couldn’t work out for about a week which doesn’t seem bad but then could only use one arm for like another two weeks (until really today). I did run one race this month which is one I really enjoy. I did the El Chupacabra de Houston Nighttime Trail Race 10K. I have done this race for many years. This is one of the few times during the year I get to run trails so I really enjoy it. My race was just eh. I hadn’t been running, couldn’t bend one arm and just struggling with the heat. Despite all of that, I finished and only a few minutes worse than last year. Hopefully next year I will do better.

Marathon training has also officially begun again.


I went back to work at the beginning of the month and my son went back too. We are trying hard to stick to our night routine of playing a game as a family and reading together. Before I went back to work, my friends threw a huge End of Summer playdate so it was nice to see everyone before I become too busy to do anything. Other things we have done:

  • Gone to 2 going away parties for our friends(two separate couples)
  • Gone to the zoo as a whole family
  • Gone to a MLB game. The Astros have a Astros Buddies Program where you get 4 tickets to a game, backpack, socks, hat, etc for like $28.
  • Gone to 11 Below Brewery

Things I have done:

  • Two separate brunches with friends
  • Saw the play Mousetrap. Highly recommend it. Very fun night.


This is the year of emergency room visits for myself. So on August 11th, I had just gotten done running and was taking my dog on a walk. We have this 1 mile route I like in my neighborhood. As we were walking there were two loose dogs, a little one and a big one. The big one started running towards my dog (who was on his leash). I picked up my dog (he is like 19 lbs) and the big dog jumped and grabbed my elbow and the jumped again. I thought he has gotten my dog. I started screaming and running towards some doorbells when I saw a car coming. The car stopped and let me in. At this point, I see blood everywhere and I thought it was from my dog when I looked at my arm. The lady drove me home and got my husband to help me as my dog was protecting me too much for her to help. This lady was a lifesaver and I feel so bad as I got blood all over her car. My husband started cleaning my wound and took me to the emergency room. They did x-rays, gave me a tetanus shot and sent me home when they determined nothing serious was wrong. They couldn’t do stitches because the dogs bacteria would have been stuck in my body. I was all wrapped up and was bleeding for a few days. I still made it to the Astros game but like the 4th inning. I put a warning out to my neighborhood and was given the dogs owner. The hospital had called Animal Control and I put in a police report. It is now three weeks later and I still have one scab, the rest have fallen off, can’t move my arm completely yet and have some scars that still pus when move. I saw the dog loose the other day. I am terrified to walk my dog that path because of that dog. I don’t want that dog put down but that lady has no business owning it. I would also like her to pay for my medical bills when they come in but I was told by the police I would have to sue.

So yeah, that was my August.


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