Oreo Pie

Next week I will be going back to work and my son will be back at school. Because of this, I have been trying to jam pack our last bit of time together. Yesterday we decided to make homemade Oreo pie with a recipe I found. Since I run with friends on Thursday nights, I brought it to them too. This pie was a hit and it was pretty simple to make. The marshmallows goes really well with the Oreo crust. It is nice and refreshing on a hot day and not too heavy. It also does not have a real sugary taste.

Oreo Pie

Rating: 5/5

Ease: 4/5. My pie crust didn’t turn out perfect as I didn’t smash it enough. It still tasted good though.

Changes: I didn’t use chocolate shavings and instead used cookies and cream sprinkles I found at the store. I also didn’t use a double boiler pan as I don’t have one and just used a regular pot to melt the marshmallows.

Recipe: You can find it here

Picture: As you can see, we enjoyed it a lot.



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