Barbella Box July 2018 Review

The beginning of July was a crazy month as I was out-of-town, which means I forgot to skip my Barbella box. I have a planner on my desk but I go July-June (school calendar) and hadn’t put my reminder to look at the Barbella spoilers on Instagram. So I got one this month. Barbella Box is $49.99 a month but you can skip if you want. You only have a few days into the month to skip though.


This box was curated by Katrin Davidsdottir who has won the Crossfit Games in the past.

  1. Reebox Crossfit Front Rack Sports Bra ($45)

I am currently wearing this sports bra. It is really comfy and seems pretty supportive as I did a jump test. I am going to workout later today which is why I am wearing it. It is pretty lowcut though which doesn’t bother me but I know it bothers other people. How I will miss the summer and have to wear real clothes.

2. Zevia Sparkling Water ($1.99)

Just a sparkling water which I can drink but not my favorite. I haven’t tried this one.

3. Ascent Protein Single Serve ($3)

I normally do not take any kind of powders or special fuels but interested in trying protein since I am a vegetarian.

4. Makeup By Tracy Lip Glaze in Poster Girl ($24)

This lip glaze goes on very smooth. It is a pinkish-brown color which looked nice on.

5. Sparkly Soul Headband ($15)

I always wear headbands when I workout. I normally do cheap Goodie ones from Target and my more expensive ones for races (I normally wear Sweaty Bands.) This one is sparkly and silver, all things I love so I was excited to see this.

6. Be the Best Me Rubber bracelet


Pretty good value for everything you get. The bra is my favorite item as you can never have too many but I was also really happy to see the headband too. Interested in trying? You can go here.



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