Kentucky Lakes

In June, my whole family met at Kentucky Lakes for a long weekend. For most of my family, it was only a few hours drive. For me, we flew into Nashville and rented a car. From Nashville to our rental home, it was two hours.

We got there on a Friday and left on Monday. Some of my family bought boats and wave runners with them. Other people bought water floats and noodles. It was a lot of fun. We rented two houses and there was a firepit between the houses. We also shared a dock to put everything. We were on a quiet cove so you could swim in the lake from our dock.


Quiet Cove

Some things we did:

Friday- Some of us met at Paducah Brewing Co. The food was good and so was the pizza. We then went to stores and met back at the houses. That night, my whole family went out to eat at Moors Head Resort at their restaurant Ralphs.

Saturday- We played in the water all day. My husband and I got out to go do a crossfit workout. Otherwise it was boating and swimming.

Sunday- More water time. My husband borrowed the owners kayak and went kayaking. My little family also went to a brewpub called The Dam.

Monday- One last boat ride. Then time to go home.

We had to drive back to Nashville and had awhile since our flight was delayed. We went to a Trails of Tears museum. We then went and explored Nashville like at Jackalope Brewery.

We loved Kentucky Lakes and really enjoyed the rental we stayed at. This is a place I would definitely go visit again.

Where we stayed.


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