April 2018 FoodStirs review…in June.

Now that school is out, I have time to play catch-up. Sort of. I am playing catch-up with all parts of my life right now so it does get tricky.

Last week my son and I baked. I love to get him in the kitchen and helping and he likes to bake because he has a little sweet tooth. So every two months we get a FoodStirs box. Foodstirs is a baking subscription box and if you are on the plan, they send you a box every other month. April was Earth Day themed Snickerdoodle cookies. They include everything you need for the dry ingredients. They also include the decorations. I just needed to provide the eggs, butter, yogurt and oil. They also sent us some coupons too. IMG_20180607_145928485

Here is our finished product. It was really simple to follow and my son could help stir (batter did get out of the bowl). We didn’t have enough batter to fill up all 6 flower pots to the correct amount but that just means people who do not want a full cookie can have a half cookie. My son really loved the gummy worms that came with the box.


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