Barbella May Review 2018

So it has been awhile since I posted but I had computer issues for a while and then life. Anyways, I decided to get this months Barbella Box on purpose because Fleo had shorts in it and I love Fleo Shorts. They had four colors and you would be surprised which one you get. These are not sold in their shop. Plus Fleo shorts run from $42-50 and the Barbella Box costs $50 so kind of even.


Here is what I got:

  1. Fleo Shorts in Red Barbella Leaf ($44.95)

This is not the color I wanted but whatever. They have a group you can change colors/sizes but I don’t feel like going through that mess. They are the 3.25 length which is what I prefer. I wanted the purple pair(1st) or blue pair (last) from the picture below.

Image result for barbella box fleos

2. Native Deodorant ($12)

All natural deodorant which I have never tried before. It does smell good.

3. Gobi Gear Segsac 15L ($20)

My husband actually owns this exact one already. Basically it is a sac with 4 compartments in it. It is small but holds a lot. My husband uses it for camping, like one compartment holds his socks/underwear, one his shirts and so on. I think this would be good for dirty laundry while traveling.

4. Sandbar Handcare Bar Butter ($8)

I thought it was chapstick (which it can be) but it is for any burns or abrasions you have. So like chafing, rope burns etc. I think I will use it for chafing from running mostly.


They also included a sample of Hum Nutrition Raw Beauty Powder which is supposed to help your skin while giving you energy.


May 2018 Stitch Fix Review

This month I got a new stylists that I have not worked with before. I guess I forgot to request the same ones but this one was really good too that I have already requested her again. I also made not that I was looking for something in a cobalt blue for my sororities convention. But they didn’t have anything that would fit the criteria.

If you are new to Stitch Fix, this is how it works:

1. Fill out your Style Profile. This gives detail on your style, sizes, budget and anything else like a link to your pinterest board.

2. Once you have “ordered” your box, they will send you 5 items from a personal stylists.  It is a $20 styling fee which is applied as a credit toward anything you keep.

3. Try everything on. They send you Style Cards with recommendations on how to wear your outfit.  You have three days to decide what you do and do not want.

4. Buy what you like and return the rest. If you keep all 5 items, you get 25% off your entire purchase.  Don’t like something, they send you a pre-paid mailing bag to drop in the mailbox.  It is free shipping.

Here is what I got:


Romolo Roshina Station Ball necklace $34 (returned)


I love silver jewelry but this piece was way too long for my liking. It would look super cute on other people I tend to like short delicate necklaces.

Studio Blue Freya Skinny Jean $58 (return) and Mix by 41Hawthorn Jessa Essential Knit Tee $32 (return)


The stylists recommended these pants because I have bought bright colors before. However, I do not like light purple. It just makes me look gross. Plus these pants are like a half-size too small. The shirt was comfy but nothing special to spend the money on. It is also in the high 90s now so I would not get to wear it until next January.

Le Lisn Juri 2fer Maxi Dress $74 (kept)

I love this dress. The skirt part is very light weight and has slits and the just the right amount of sass. The only draw back? My horrible year around tan line. The stress was really comfy though and I can wear it year round here.

Wisp Leeah Lace Knit Dress $68 (kept)


Another winner. This will be perfect for convention. I think it takes some weight off of me which is always a plus.

So I spent more than I wanted to this month but I did get 2 dresses I really like. Want to try Stitch Fix for yourself? Go here