Foodstirs February 2018 review

Only took us a month and a half to bake our February box. I always have the best intentions but have to remember to get eggs. Yes, we normally do not have eggs in our house since my husband is sort of allergic to them if they are not cooked in food.

So Foodstirs is a baking subscription box and if you are on the plan, they send you a book every other month. February was Heart-Shaped Brownies. They include everything you need for the dry ingredients. They also include the decorations and the mold for the brownies. I just needed to provide the eggs, water and oil. They also sent us a free sample of their cake in a mug.


Everything is included.

My son always has a lot of fun baking with me. He loves stirring and this time he helped get the mix into the molds.


The instructions are really simple to follow.


Making icing

In the end, our brownies turned out delicious. I had to throw out 1 because it did not bake all the way through because my son put too much mix in it. The rest though were delicious. The mold had six hearts but we were able to get 10ish brownies out of the mix. The decorating is not that pretty but who cares when it tastes so good. This one has been the favorite in our house so far.




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