Barbella Box February 2018 Review

So in February, I forgot to put my Barbella Box on hold, or I didn’t forget but was too late. I really didn’t want this one because I knew I had some big medical bills to pay. I also owed money for some rooms on an upcoming family vacation. So this was an expense I didn’t need. I only keep this subscription just because they once had a pair of shorts I really wanted.



  1. Vull Sport Speckled Barbellsa Sports Bra ($48)

So this sports bra is not a high neck nor a low neck, just right in the middle. It comes with removable pads too. It’s really pretty, it is white/gray color with dark gray specks. I wore it during my workout on Friday night and it was very comfy, supportive and you didn’t really notice you were wearing a sports bra. This one was made just for the box but it is very similar to the Vull Sports Evolve Bra except this one has slightly wider shoulder straps. You can find that bra here.

2. LSTN Sound Co Crescent Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds ($99)

I don’t wear bluetooth earbuds but my husband does. What is a shame is he just got a nice pair for Christmas.

3. EXO Chalk ($14.99)

This is just a block of chalk. I didn’t know how expensive chalk is. While my gym has chalk buckets, I will be giving this to my husband because he has a chalk bag since he is getting into rock climbing.

4. RX bar Chocolate Sea Salt ($2.50)

Just 4 ingredients make this bar. A lot of people I know really like these. I am not a bar person so it went to my husband.

5. Barbella Strong Vinyl Sticker ($1.99)

A sticker.


So that is what I got in this one. I do really like the sports bra which is the price of the box so it is a win, especially with a $100 pair of earbuds.


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