Deconstructed Tuna Melt

This week I cooked my husband a meal that he really didn’t want me to cook. Not because he thought it would taste bad but because I had a surgery this week(more on that in a later post). However, this recipe was so easy that I didn’t have to stand long for it or do much. Technically this recipe is called Skillet Tuna Melt but I didn’t use a skillet, I used a pan.

Skillet Tuna Melt or Deconstructed Tuna Melt

Ease: 5/5. Throw everything in a bowl and stir, then plop it into the oven.

Husbands rating: 5/5

Changes: Added some hot spice and didn’t add parsley or garlic. Also, I cooked it in a regular pan.

Recipe: You can find it here.

Picture: 3069


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