Houston Marathon 2018 Recap

I am going to recap the 2018 Houston Marathon since it has been a few days and I think I can write about it as I am all recovered from it. It is really a weekend and not just a day so I will start with the whole weekend. Warning: this will be long.


I went to work. Okay so I will start with after work. Every year one of my friends host a girls pasta dinner at her house.  We all bring something to share with everyone. It is always a lot of fun, lots of laughs and lots of friendship. It is one of my favorite nights. It was also nice to see some women who I don’t run with (because of different paces).


My family decided to go get my packet in the afternoon. You have Friday or Saturday to get it. I would love to get in on Friday because it is not as busy but they close at 6, and I wouldn’t be able to get there until like 5:30 and I would like to shop too.  I usually spend about 2 hours at the Expo. So we went Saturday afternoon hoping to not have as many crowds as the morning is usually packed. Well it was still really busy. Maybe I should try even later on Saturday. So I picked up my packet and then bought 4 headbands at Sweaty Bands.  They are my absolute favorite. They also had a good deal of buy 3 get 1 free and that included the $5 clearance so I got 4 headbands for $15. You can find them here, they don’t pay me.


Sweaty Bands are amazing!

Otherwise I didn’t buy anything else. Just walked around the booths, took pictures, signed me day, etc.


Many pictures taken at the Expo

Oh and I always wear a silly shirt to the Expo like this one is a Turkey Trot shirt. I don’t know why, just like to scare my competition on how fierce I am.


My friend picked me up at 5 am and drove me to the start. She was also running. In the past, my husband drove me but we decided this was better so he could get to the first spot to watch me and allow my son some more sleep time. So we got in the GRB at like 5:30. What is great about Houston is the start/end is at this huge Convention Center and you get to hang inside until the start. It was like 32 degrees so everyone was all bundled. I decided to wear capris and a long-sleeve shirt plus gloves. Inside the building, it is just a bunch of pictures being taken.  Since I am in a running club, we all take a bunch of pictures together. The start of the race is at 7 am but I was in C corral.

So I headed towards the start with a couple of friends. One decided to get closer to the start since she is a faster runner. The rest stayed behind. We ended up not getting to the start line until like 7:36. So we start and it was cold and glorious. My husband and son were at mile 2. I also saw a girl I went to high school with. At this point I was running with my training buddy and another girl who was running the half.

At mile 6, my husband and son were there. I gave my husband my gloves. My training buddy had already given him her gloves and her jacket. She was already in just a tank and shorts. A mile later, my training buddy was in the area where her students live.  So one of her students had donut holes for us. It was amazing. After mile 8, the half breaks apart from the full so we lost the other girl and it was just me and my training buddy.

At mile 10, my husband and son were back.This was also the first time my son looked awake and smiled when he saw me. We also saw our friends husband who snapped this picture.


Mile 10

We kept running and my friend saw her family. We finally got to the first big hill of the race. After the hill, our friends husband was back. The halfway point is a disappointment because it is hard for people to get to and it is a little out and back. The only good part is you get to see some people in front of you and behind you.

Mile 15, my friend grabbed a beer from the Buffalo Bayou Brewery guys. My husband and son were also there cheering so I gave them a high 5. My son looked very happy just eating his snacks.

At mile 16, we saw our friends and their kids. It gave us some energy because we were not expecting to see them. We also saw some more friends at mile 18 and mile 19. This is usually a hard part of the race because there are not many spectators and there is no entertainment. So us seeing our friends was really nice. I also saw someone from my Crossfit gym at mile 18 and ran with him for a minute.


Mile 18

So my training buddy used the restroom at mile 19 and that was the last I saw her. One thing they did this year that I loved was they had speakers playing music from mile 19-22. Again, this is a part where there are not many spectators. I saw one of my friends struggling at mile 20 so I talked to her for a second. I was feeling great at that point and thought I could get my B goal at that point.  My A goal was to finish. B was a time goal. My husband and son were at mile 21 and I told them I would see them at the finish. Around mile 22 is when the spectators pick back up. Right before mile 23 I see a guy who use to run with my running club. He has had health problems so I cried and hugged him when I saw him.

At mile 24, Karbach Brewery was there with some of my friends.  It was such a boost to see them all. I ended up finishing the race at 4:52:22 which is my 4th fastest time, I believe. It was a lot better than I thought it would be. My time goal was under 5 so I was really happy.

Once inside, I got my medal, shirt and got some chocolate milk. I talked to my former students mom, talked to some of my friends and saw another former student waiting for his family. My husband met me in the reunion area and took me to the car. He always has Crave cupcakes waiting for me which I love.

The weather was perfect and was a big redemption from last years horrible race. Maybe I am over the dramatic experience of the 2017 Houston Marathon. I am sure I forgot something but whatever.


Finisher Shirt and mug




One thought on “Houston Marathon 2018 Recap

  1. thedancingrunner says:

    Excellent job! I ran Houston a few years ago as a part of my “10 marathons before I turn 30” self imposed challenge LOL. I think it is such a fun and organized race!! And ideal for setting PRs for sure.


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