Foodstirs October 2017 Review

Sorry this is so late.  I worked on the Foodstir kit the first week of November but I kept pushing this back. My son loves to help in the kitchen so I thought this would be a perfect activity for a weekend where his dad was out-of-town. I did not go well this time. In fact, it was a failure.

So how it works, you can sign up for a subscription and a box comes every other month.  They follow a theme so like October was Little Monster Cupcakes for Halloween. The box has the dry ingredients and information cards that tell you how to make it, tips, what wet ingredients you need and what stuff you need like measuring cups. Plus it has anything “decorative.”


Cupcake mix, icing mix, sprinkles, food dye, chocolate chips, bag for icing and cupcake liners

So it started off fine.  My son put all the cupcake liners in our cupcake tin while I got out the wet ingredients and other dishes we would need. My son really wanted to help mix the wet ingredients so we sat at a table and stirred. We would get upset whenever I helped too much.


Now here is where it went downhill. The instructions said to mix in the vanilla cupcake mix. My son wouldn’t stop stirring so I quickly grabbed the bag and dumped it. For some reason, it would get thick, just really watery. Now we had to put the mix into two different bowls so we could dye one purple and one green. Again, it was really watery. That is when I looked in the box and noticed Vanilla Cupcake Mix in the box. I had used the Vanilla Icing Mix. No wonder it was so watery.

So being the person that I am, I decided to fix it by adding the mix and baked the cupcakes.  Yeah, they are just complete liquid. I bit into one that was “cooked” and it was so rubbery. So I threw them right into the trash. Luckily we had gone shopping the day before and my son had picked out some cookies, so we dined on those.

Lesson learned: read all labels completely. I did save the sprinkles and chocolate chips for another day when maybe we can try again. This failure was all on me and not the company so we are signed up to get one in December.


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