October Updates

October has come and gone and now I am counting down to Thanksgiving break. I get the whole week off so I am holding off on a lot of projects for that week, especially since I am not going out-of-town for it.


Another month closer to my marathon so more miles. We got up to 14 miles during this month.  Lululemon also hosted a free Ghost Race this month.  They had a 5 mile course and there were prizes. You had a week to do it and post your GPS device.

Other fitness activities: I went to a free yoga event but it was a bust. In CrossFit, I hit a few new PRs.


This month we started camping again.  We went to Bastrop State Park. It was nice and they had some nice trails to run and hike. Bastrop is not a huge town but it is an artist town so we went out to lunch at this cute restaurant right on a river. The only problem was it was still pretty warm.

We went on a date this month to see Happy Death Day. We both really enjoyed it.  It was a horror comedy but wasn’t really scary.  I found it more funny.  The lead female was also not your typical female horror movie star because she was more real. The guys in the movie were more real too. Like these are people you see on college campuses.

One afternoon we went to a new brewery with our friends. It is called Great Heights Brewing Co. and it was great. The beers were good and they have the cutest glasses. Their decor is also really cool. They just opened a few months ago so they still want to do some stuff they haven’t gotten to yet.


We went to Zoo Boo this month. Zoo Boo is help at the Houston Zoo every October. Kids get to walk around and there are candy stops throughout the zoo. There is also pumpkin decorating stations too. I took a personal day and my husband got home earlier than usual for a Friday to go.  My son even fed the giraffes which he loved.


We had two Halloween parties to go to this year: one at his gym and one at his school. Luckily they were on different Friday nights. I am glad we got to go to both because Halloween was a bust (lots of rain and World Series).

I was lucky to also go to the beach with some of my mom friends. No husbands and no kids. It was nice to sit around a living room and talk.  There was food, drinks, games and just conversations. The next morning, a crazy storm came in. Some of us went on the beach to take photos as it came in.


We ended the month with going to a brewery with my CrossFit gym. October was pretty busy for us but I think November will be a little slower, or I hope it will.


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