Barbella October 2017 Review

I did not mean to get this Barbella box.  Basically, I am signed up for them but you can skip months.  I have only gotten one box and while I liked that box, I only got it for the shorts. I kept on their membership just to see what else they have. However, this month I forgot to press skip, which made me mad because I didn’t need this box and I try to save money by not buying stuff I do not need.  So here is my review for a box I didn’t want to get.

Barbella October 2017


  1. Chestee Bra ($62)

While the bra is a big item, it is not my style. It has padding all the way to the next to protect your collarbone against barbell impact (like cleans). I think that is a cool idea, but I wear a shirt when I workout so wearing bras that go all the way to the neck is kind of awkward under the shirt and just makes me feel weird.

2. WODDice($27.99)

This is another cool idea. You roll the dice and it makes a workout for you with the movement, how many reps to do, etc. I just do not see myself using this.

3. WOD & Done Thumb Protection ($9)

I use WOD & Done hand grips but have never used the thumb protection.  I do not rip on my thumb(now, I probably will) and I wear gloves when lifting weight so again, an item I will probably not use.

4. Yumbutter ($6.99)

I am a really picky eater so this will go to my husband. I am weird on textures.

5. Pulse Brave Bar ($6.95)

This was not on their information card so I got the price from the Pulse Skin Co website. I am not the biggest fan of bar soap because it dries out my already dry skin but I will give this one a shot.


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