August Updates

I am slowly getting back into my old routine. My school reopened, my running is back and I finally know the date. So here is my August recap.


I kept up with yoga and Crossfit and hit some new record weights for me. When in Maine, I even went and did a workout at Crossfit Misfit which was good to get different perspectives on form techniques. Form is something everyone needs to look at even if you have done the move a thousand times and sometimes a new set of eyes has a suggestion and recommendation for you.


I ran two races in August. The first was a nighttime trail race called Chupacabra Nighttime Trail Race 10k. I love this race and I hardly ever get to run trails. I always have friends who run this race and they have a nice after party. My husband and son walk this race every year, since my son was 6 weeks old. The race starts at 8:30 PM so it is a long night.  I think we left the park about 11:30.

I ran it in 1:11:06 which equals 11:07 mile pace. You always run trails a little slower.


The next race I did was in Auburn, Maine. It was called the L-A Bridge Run 5K.  I signed up pretty late so I didn’t get a shirt.  Luckily, they let me buy one (I am not a shirt collector but wanted one since the race is in Maine, I am trying to do a race in every state). The weather was perfect, it was in the low 50s, I thought I had a chance to maybe PR or get close to my PR. I was worried though because I went to bed late and drank more than usual the night before at the wedding. As I was walking to the start I asked a local if there are hills. She said no except for a little one on Main St. at about mile 1.5.  I love hills, I do but I was not expecting this many in a 5K. Once I saw all the hills, I knew I couldn’t PR but I knew I could enjoy the race. When I say it was hilly, it is for a Houston standard but not a St. Louis one. Still, my PR is from a race in the 50s and completely flat.

I ran it in 27:47 which is a 8:54 mile pace.



I passed all those boys at the end


I read Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan pretty quickly. It is pretty ridiculous but also just a fun quick mindless read.


I went back to work in August and it has been really hard since I have a completely different team and my Partner in Crime left too. It just feels weird. My Saturdays have also been super busy because I have marathon training early morning, my son then has gym class and like one hour later he has swim lessons. By the time noon comes around, I am already exhausted.

The last thing is that I wore that Adidas top I reviewed from the Avenue A box. It was fine for a 3 mile run but I think anything more, it would have driven me nuts.


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