Maine and Boston Trip

About a week and a half ago, my family flew up to Boston to get to a wedding in Maine.  It was our first time in that part of the country.


Our flight became sketchy because it was delayed and a hurricane came into town. They also did not know if the crew had worked too many hours. They said if we could fly, we would just board right away without cleaning the plane. It was some kind of miracle because we could fly and we hardly felt the wind. We flew JetBlue which was my first time with that carrier.  We loved it.  The seats were big and there was plenty of leg space. Plus free Wifi through Amazon and 3 free movies you could choose from your own TV.  We wish they flew more out of our airport to more cities.


We stayed at the DoubleTree Hotel in Bedford Glen on Saturday morning. Our flight did not get in to after 1 am.  We basically slept and left. We then drove up to Maine.  The wedding was in Harrison Maine at an all girls camp. It was beautiful.  The weather was in the high 40s/low 70s and just perfect.  Sunny day too. We were staying at the camp for the wedding and found our cabin. We ate lunch in the mess hall and ran into some friends to go to the Norway Brewing Co which was about 10 minutes away. Afterwards it was time for the wedding.  The couple found a babysitter for the little ones so my son had a blast.  I know they went to the camps gymnastic studio and played in a foam pit and they ate Mac n Cheese. He was sound asleep when I made it back to the cabin.


I ran in a local 5K race so I could get Maine off my bucket list.  The people were so nice. There was even a soda company there named Capt Eli, and they gave my son a shirt since his name is Eli. After the race, we went back to the camp and ate breakfast with everyone. As people left, we decided to head to our hotel room in Portland, Maine. We stayed at the Fireside Inn. They let us check-in early so we had some time to rest before our family photos.


Fort Williams Park

We ate lunch at Sea Dog Brewery which has a restaurant.  The food and beer were really good and my son loved all the dog decorations. We then met our photographer at Fort Williams Park for our family photos. We do not have the photos yet, but we loved her.  We went with Strawberry Patch photography and she was awesome. The park itself was beautiful. Jagged coastlines and a lighthouse. Plus we even played for a bit in the ocean. It is one of those places where you wish you could have a summer-house up there.  I definitely want to go back.


Fort Williams Park

Afterwards we grabbed a bite to eat at Foulmouthed Brewery before heading back to the hotel room to rest and sleep.


We started the drive back to Boston to catch our flight the next day. We stopped in the cutest fisherman town of Portsmouth New Hampshire to eat lunch at Portsmouth Brewery. Another place with good food and good beer. We also went to a little toy shop in town to get our son a new toy for our flight.

We stayed at the Hilton in Dedham that night. We also learned that all the airports in our city were closed so our flight was cancelled.  I called JetBlue and they put us on the first flight out which was Thursday. Since that meant two more nights, we needed to find a hotel but Boston is so expensive.


My husband returned our rent-a-car which was a Mini Van (and not our style) for a smaller car. He also talked to our hotel about our situation. Hilton extended our stay with the cheapest rates in all of Boston (cheaper than even the motels in not great areas) and gave us free breakfast. Hilton Hotels will now always be my top choice to stay. They were so accommodating and nice to us.

With having a place to stay, we decided to tour Boston. Since we both love history, we walked the Freedom Trail to look at places involved in the start of the American Revolution. We stopped for a bit to eat lunch at Cheers because we have to be tourists. The trail was really nice especially because it stayed about 70 the whole time. We also had friends who were also stuck in Boston so we met them at Harpoon Brewery for a few beers and then went out for oysters.


Where everybody knows your name


We took another historical walking tour but this time in Salem, MA.  We were deciding between Salem or Falls River (Lizzie Borden) and my husband decided on Salem. The weather was again perfect. Afterwards, we had dinner at Shake Shack and called it a night…until we learned our flight was cancelled again.  This time I got a flight for Dallas.


Caught my flight to Dallas and we had a rent-a-car to drive back to Houston. We had a Mini Van because the compact cars were going for $600 more. Our friends also got on our flight so we drove them in the van. My dog this whole trip was at the kennel. I called them to let them know I would be 15 minutes late so they stayed open so I could go pick him up. One last thing about Jetblue, well two, they never gave us a hard time about changing flights and they have the best snacks.


It was a great trip but I had such guilt that my town was going through something horrible (still is) and I was having a fun little vacation. I also felt bad that my dog was stuck at a kennel during a hurricane.  He was fine the whole time, as I called everyday.


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