Hurricane Harvey

Today’s post will be a little different because it will be serious.  Normally, I do not post serious topics because I am not a serious person. I want to talk about Hurricane Harvey because it has devastated the city I live in.

I am not a native Texan.  I moved here 11 years ago without a job, hardly any money and knowing only 1 person who was my boyfriend.  I hated Houston at first because I didn’t know anyone and had nothing to do.  My boyfriend was from Houston but hadn’t lived there since high school so he didn’t know of cool/fun places for 20-somethings.  Yet, I was also broke because I had just graduated and he was still in school.

As time went on and we both found jobs, I started having more fun.  I started running and met people through the running community. I joined my sororities alumnae group and met people through that. I became friends with people from work.  I started to enjoy Houston.

Do I still love my hometown?  Yes. Would I want to live there again? Yes. However, I also adore Houston and cannot imagine my life without my friends who are basically my family. This is also my sons hometown and this is where all his friends live.

When the hurricane hit, I really didn’t think it was going to be “that bad.”  I have been here through Ike. The problem, the hurricane changed to a Category 4 really fast and then just hung out. It became very slow-moving. My problem, I was in a different state for a wedding (a post for another day). Why didn’t Houston evacuate? There is 6.5 million people, where do you want them to go? Austin and San Antonio were supposed to be hit hard too. Last hurricane where people evacuated, people were stuck on the roads, roads that flooded for Harvey. Our city government made the right call.

I finally made it home yesterday after having to fly into Dallas (my airline did not know what day it would be able to get into Houston) and driving down here.  I had called my kennel everyday to check on my dog.  My house, car, dog were all fine. However, a lot of people lost everything including some of my friends.

I do like how the country is seeing the people of Houston coming together and helping no matter what. I went to donate blood today and was turned down because too many donations came in today. I plan on volunteering all day Sunday and Monday.

If you want to help, please consider donating money.  There are many great charities out there.  Personally I like:

Citizens for Animal Protection Friends 4 Life Texas Diaper Bank Houston Food Bank


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