Avenue A Fall 2017 Review

I found out about Avenue A a couple of months ago and was on the fence about ordering it because it is a lot of money. Then I decided to bite the bullet but they were sold out so I had to wait until this season to get one.

Why I finally decided? So I workout almost daily. In the summer it is everyday but during the school year it is 6 days a week. My bad habit though? I never buy shoes.  I only buy shoes when my shoe is basically falling apart. Is that bad? Yes. While I do have shoes just for crossfit, my everyday shoe for walking is just old marathon shoes which have no padding or traction left.

So what is Avenue A? It is a box for women from Adidas. They have a box 4 times a year and it costs $150 but you get to keep everything.  You fill out a size/fit profile. You can choose to skip a box if you do not like the spoiler.

So what did I get:IMG_20170818_184502996

Performer Strappy Tank($28), Halter Bra($45), and Supernova 7/8 Tight($75)


Excuse my dresser again, I promise I do close it. I was just in the middle of grabbing some shirts.

The items: the tank is very loose but it is suppose to be. If you are bigger chested, you will be showing a lot of bra. If you are smaller chested, you will show some but not like I am. The shirt does become fitted more around the hips and is very light weight. I thought about requesting a smaller side but then worry it will be too snug around my stomach and hips. I’m going to try it out on a run because I think it might work for that.

The bra, well it is not my style because I don’t like how high the neck is.  I also never workout in just a sports bra so I always have a shirt on. I could see this work if you like being shirtless while working out.

The running tights are heavy! Or I should say for me.  I only have crops and I only wear them a handful of times a year(it takes a lot for me to cover up). These would be good if it is in the low 30s and colder. Again, this is for me.  I wear shorts until it is in the low 40s/high 30s, then I switch to crops. I get hot really fast. I did not do a squat test, so I am not sure on their sheerness, so I do not know if these would work for other things besides running.  Most of the time, running tights are only for running and not meant for activities where you bend. I do know they show every bump, so VPL is shown.


From the back.

Adidas Adizero Tempo 9 ($120)


These are pretty common running shoes and I use to run in something similar so I will be wearing these for running and not just around. I personally like the color as I do not have any shoes around that color. I personally like color and I always stay away from whites and blacks.

Sunglasses ($99)


I love the color I got. Different people received different colors but mine match the shoes and tank. These are a nice pair of sunglasses. A lot nicer than everything else I own because I just wear glasses I got for free at different booths.


Final thoughts: all the items add up to be $367. I think that is a great deal for $150.


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