Kidbox Back to School 2017 Review

This is my sons fourth Kidbox. I feel like he is good on clothes but he is also going through a phase where he only wants to wear the same clothes all the time.  He hates wearing new clothes. I think he just needed more pants for when winter comes here in like 6 months. Most of his will be pretty short from the previous winter.

Here is how it works:

Here is how it works:

  1. Go to the website and fill out a style survey. They ask for things such as colors to avoid, what do you need more of, what will they not wear, their style.
  2. They only ship out 5 times a year but you can skip a season if you would like.
  3. Review the box. You have 7 days before you are billed. If you keep everything, it is $98. If you keep only a few pieces, they offer it at a discount.
  4. Ship back what you do not want.
  5. If you kept it all, pick a charity you want Kidbox to donate clothes to. 

    Style Card

    As you can see in the above card, the number on the right is the discounted number. We normally just keep the whole box for $98 because it is cheaper than usually keeping a few items.


This was an additional item which my son loves sports so he was excited to see a ball. Now, he is only 2 so he does not need a key chain but we can put it on his travel backpack.


Here are the pants:

Left Pair: Andy + Evan Boys Twill Pant $33

Middle Pair: Penguin Boys Twill Jogger Pants $27

Right Pair: 7 for  All Mankind Boys Knit Denim Pants $44

We really didn’t need another pair of khaki colored pants so they are my least favorite.  My son has never had a blue that color of the Andy + Evan so that is different. The jeans are so soft so they are perfect.


From Left to Rights:

1st: Lucky Boys Striped Shirt $18

2nd: Frenchie Mini Couture Boys Polo Shirt $18

3rd: Losan Boys Short Sleeve Polo Tee $32

4th: Penguin Boys Pocket Front Tee $14

The box also comes with a little flyer to read. They have a clear pouch with the return shipping label, crayons and stickers which are my sons favorite part. The box also is white coloring page looking so my son loves coloring the box.


Interested in trying it out? Go here.


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