July Updates

July is my favorite month and always flies by. It has my favorite holiday in it, my anniversary and my birthday. So here is the just an update on my month:


I had no races this month but had some fun runs.  This is our last month before marathon training begins so I did fun runs with friends.  One friend got married in July so the day of his wedding we did a wedding run, another friend did a cupcake run for her birthday (you start/end at a cupcake store) and for my birthday we met at a different location than normal and we ran my favorite route.

Other Workouts:

I still went to crossfit regularly and reached some new personal records with weights.  So that is always good. I still did yoga once a week and every Friday I went to Body Pump. Plus, my son and I walked our dog almost everyday.

Social Life:

My social life normally evolves around my son but I went out a couple of times in July with adults. I had a dinner with friends one night, a wedding where we got a babysitter, and then took my son to a wine tasting party where there were other kids and a golf party where there were other kids.

Fourth of July:

Fourth of July has always been my favorite holiday. To me, it is not stressful and all about celebrating with friends. This year one of my mom friends had a pool party at her house. So there were tons of toddlers and we just swam all afternoon.  Once it got dark, we put on a firework show. We didn’t stay for all of it because it was getting late and my husband had to work the next day.


We didn’t really do anything special just because we have a toddler. We went out to dinner for our Anniversary and my husband bought me a new jewelry box that my son had broken about a month before. For my birthday, we had two play-dates and one was a dinner play-date. Luckily, one of the moms bought me cupcakes to the dinner play-date so that made it kind of special. My house did look like a florist shop for a while because our anniversary and my birthday are only 6 days a part.

Toddler Life:

My son was home all July with me. Every morning we had a different activity planned out. For example, we did two different Storytimes. I also took him to see his first movie which was $1 showing of Madagascar. I was worried we would only last like 20 minutes but didn’t care because it was only $1 but he watched the entire movie. I had so much fun with him.

So July flew by and August has already been really busy.


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