August 2017 Stitch Fix Review

My Stitch Fix came early again so I was not expecting Trunk Club and Stitch Fix to overlap (but then again Trunk Club took forever, oh and I am still waiting to hear back on my husbands trunk). For this fix, I kept the same stylists I have been working with for a while.  I also mentioned that I will be going back to work shortly and going to Maine for a wedding.  I wish I would have also mentioned family photos but I can find something for that later.

Just an editor’s note: please excuse my dresser drawer not being closed. It is a Friday night when I took these and I was getting ready for bed and just didn’t really care at that point.

Here is how Stitch Fix works for the new people:

1. Fill out your Style Profile. This gives detail on your style, sizes, budget and anything else like a link to your pinterest board.

2. Once you have “ordered” your box, they will send you 5 items from a personal stylists.  It is a $20 styling fee which is applied as a credit toward anything you keep.

3. Try everything on. They send you Style Cards with recommendations on how to wear your outfit.  You have three days to decide what you do and do not want.

4. Buy what you like and return the rest. If you keep all 5 items, you get 25% off your entire purchase.  Don’t like something, they send you a pre-paid mailing bag to drop in the mailbox.  It is free shipping.

Here is what I got:


Style Card

41Hawthorn Kenziah Shirt Dress ($48)


I really like this dress.  It does seem a little short but I don’t mind showing off my legs.  I think this is what I am going to wear to the wedding.  I was unsure at first because it seems to casual but it is an outside wedding, so I did what any girl would do and send pics to my friends and mom and they agreed that I could wear it to a casual outside wedding. So this is a keeper. Sidenote: I send all my pics to two friends first to see what they think, I don’t always trust my husband.

Kaileigh Robinson Scoop Neck Top ($34) and Renee C Maybell Lace Detail Skirt ($54)


I hated this top right when I saw it and I hated it on. It is definitely going back. The skirt is cute but I was the only one who really thought that. They will both be going back.

Fun2Fun Sayers Pleated Front Blouse ($38) and the same skirt


Hated this top.  First, it is too short.  Second, my bra hangs out.  So not really appropriate for a teacher.

Urban Expressions Clara Zip Top Tote ($48)


Cute purse and a nice size and color.  Might be a little too big for me. I am sending it back though.  So, I do not buy many purses but when I do, I like to splurge. Like my last purse I bought myself was Kate Spade. I only buy a purse maybe once and year and take care of it better than I take care of myself.


So I am only keeping 1 item but I still felt like it was a success.  I would buy the skirt too but I also bought a car unplanned last week so let me save my bank account some.

If you want to try Stitch Fix, go here.


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