Bread Pudding

I love to bake but my problem is that I will end up eating it all.  My husband is not huge into sweets and I am.  My son would love sweets all the time but I limit his for obvious reasons.  Last Friday we were out to eat and my husband glanced at the dessert menu and mentioned that he had not had bread pudding in a long time.  I told him I would make it since it couldn’t be too hard, right?  It isn’t as I found out.

I tried to get my son to help me because he enjoys helping out in the kitchen but this I made all by myself. My son helped in his own way, like when I was cracking the eggs, he climbed on the kitchen table and dumped my ice water out. Or when I was stirring, he was on his little ride/push bike and kept riding into the kitchen and into me.  So really big help there. I really thought he would like tearing up the bread because he does that for the fish and turtles at a pond we visit.

Bread Pudding

Husbands rating: 4.5/5. He said it was nice and soft.

Ease: 4.5/5. It really was easy. I just had trouble completely blending the eggs.  Yes, I stirred by hand so maybe with a mixer it would be better but the yellow in the picture is some of the egg.

Changes: Kept everything the same but did not add raisins as we were out and they are my sons food anyway.

Recipe: You can find it here.




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