July 2017 Trunk Club Review

Last year, I had heard that Trunk Club worked with the Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale so I wanted to get a trunk during the sale. However, they decided this year for that not to be the case unless you went into a showroom. I decided to get a trunk anyway because I like two a year.  I had an awesome stylist but she left the company sometime in June. So I had a new stylist. I will admit this was frustrating because it took over a week of me saying “Yes, I want a trunk” for anything to happen. Then when I got the preview of like 10 items, I said no to over half. I ended up getting my trunk with only 7 items, the 5 I approved and then only 2 new pieces.  I was hoping for about 12 items to choose from as we have a wedding to go to, family photos and it is back to school time. So I was disappointed from the start. The sad part, I requested a trunk for my husband too and his new stylist(we use to have the same) has not gotten back to me in close to 2 weeks.


Here is how it works:

  1. Fill out a survey that asks for your sizes, measurements, likes and dislikes, what does your closet need.
  2. I sent my stylist a couple of photos of me so she could see my body shape.
  3. Your stylists will send you a preview where you can tell them what not to send and why not.
  4. They send the box. They send between 7-15 items.  I have 10 in mine.  It comes looking like a trunk and has all the things you need to send it back free of charge.  You can even have it picked up from your house.
  5. Try on and give feedback. Send back what you don’t want. You do not get charged until they get it back.
  6. There is a $25 try-on fee but it comes out of your total.

Here is what I got:

BP. Lula Block Heel Slingback Sandal $59.99


The color is a light blush color and this shoe is suede.  It is really pretty and fit well.  It was also pretty comfortable. I am undecided though because to me it looks a little too Cher Horowitz  (which I love her but it is also not 1995 anymore).

Eliza J Jersey Printed Dress $128


I wanted this dress to work so bad.  I love the bottom little skirt part.  I just think it is a sweet print which would be perfect for a wedding.  However, this dress is so tight and shows everything. I look pregnant in this photo and I am not.

BP. LS Side slit Tee $19


Don’t mind my PJ shorts. I hatred this shirt when I saw it (Long-sleeve white shirt…boring) but it is really soft. Then I hated it on because it seemed big.  I read the reviews and it is supposed to be so that you could wear it with leggings. Now I might keep it because I do like oversized and it is comfortable.  Plus, if I do not get anything then I am wasting my $25 so this shirt would be free to keep anyway.

BP. Twist Front Tee $22


I do not like this shirt.  I feel that the twist knot thing looks weird in the front where it is at.

Items I received but have no pictures because they didn’t fit at all:

Vince Camuto Texture Base Straight Leg Crop $89

The stylists sent me the wrong size.  I could not button them up.

Adrianna Papell Scalloped Crepe Sheath Dress $98

It was hot pink which I like but looked straight out of 1983 and not in a good way. Plus it was too small in the boobs so I couldn’t zip it up.

Vince Camuto Ruffle Fit & Flare Dress $148

Besides the high cost, it again would not zip up past my boobs.  This dress is so cute though. It is a nice coral color and would have loved to see it fit. Some people might say just ask for a bigger size but since it fit perfectly everywhere else, like my waist, then it will be too big.

So there is my trunk.  Yes, I am disappointed. Will I do it again? Maybe next year with a different stylists.

Want to try it out yourself? Go here.


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