Barbella Box July Review

I have never done Barbella Box before but I love Fleo shorts and when Fleo shorts said they were putting a pair in the July box, plus I found a $5 off coupon, then the box became cheaper than the shorts are. So I signed up. Just so you know, I paid for this box. I am not that fancy where I get free things.

Barbella July 2017 Box

Cost: $49.99 a month. If you sign up for more, it gets cheaper.


I put numbers so that you can see each item.

  1. Fleo Shorts( $48)

These shorts came  in 4 different colors and you did not get to pick. So I got the blue pair but there was also a purple pair, green pair, and an orange/red pair.  I really wanted the blue pair so I was so excited when I saw them!

2. WOD Bottom Beach Bum Headband($16.99)

It is a wider headband than what I normally would wear but it fits well and feels like it would stay on diuring a workout. It also came with a 25% off coupon to their store.

3. Pro-Tec Athletics Spiky Ball($9.95)

This one is for the foot and good for preventing injuries but also help if you have injuries like plantar fasciittis which my husband has had.  Even though it says it is for the foot, I will be using it for other parts like my shoulder or legs.

4. Eat Your Coffee Energy Bar($2.50)

I am saving this for my husband as I cannot stand coffee.

5. Little Moon Essentials Clear Mind Mist($3.99)

This is not pictured because the shorts were covering them and I did not notice. So this is a spray you can put in the air or on your clothes to give you a little wake-up call.  Once I go back to work, I will try it out.

There was also a coupon for a free sample of Halo Top Ice Cream.  I have never tried that but have wanted to.

All in all, I think you get a lot of good stuff for the price. Will I continue the box? I am not sure since I did it for the Fleos. I will see what spoilers they give for next month and then decide.

You can sign up here.


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