Entertaining a Toddler

Every summer I pull my son from daycare and we spend the summer together. Every year I wonder how I am going to entertain ourselves all day. I was especially worried this summer with an active 2-year-old but I have kept us extremely busy. This will not work with everyone because it depends on your needs plus how your toddler is.  I know some toddlers that are fine being in the house all day.  My son is not that toddler.

Every morning we go out.  We start our day by walking our dog. Then we have our schedule:

  • Monday- Little Gym class
  • Tuesday- Library storytime
  • Wednesday- changes every week, some include a little water park,playing with friends at a park
  • Thursday- book store storytime
  • Friday- I workout, he goes to the daycare center

I always check the library for things to do in the summer and enroll in summer reading.  I also am in a group called Hike It Baby where families meet up for playtime, walks, etc. The Little Gym helps because they have open gym too. We also recently bought a blow up pool for the hot afternoons so that he can still play outside but it not be so miserable.

Next summer will be harder in a way because I am not sure how much longer we will go to The Little Gym. However, he will also be more independent too so he will be able to play by himself more. I was going to get a zoo membership this summer but never did but I think as he gets older, that might be something we do more.

I am fortunate that my husband gets home at about 3:30 on most days and around 12 on Fridays so when my son wakes up from his nap around 2, there isn’t much more of the day without dad so we usually stay home and color or play. I am dreading when he stops napping though. Luckily for next summer, there are a lot of movie theaters that do weekly $1 movies for the kids.


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