Quick Trip to Memphis

Last week I did a quick trip to Memphis.  I was not even gone 48 hours. I have a volunteer job and they sent me to a conference. I lucked out in having a friend who could babysit one day and my husband going into work late another day until I got home.


I arrived in Memphis with a delay. It was storming around the country so it was a mess at the airport.  I was supposed to be there at 5:45 and then at a happy hour gathering at 6:15 but did not get to the hotel until 7 so I ended up being about 20 minutes late to the dinner portion.  We were staying the Sheraton Downtown.  It is a little older but still nice.  Excellent service and staff. They also have a skywalk to take you to the convention center which is where my event was so it was convenient.


My room


Pretty good Memphis beer I tried



Tom Lee Memorial

I woke up early and threw on my running clothes. I had made a route in my head but wanted to ask the hotel staff if it is safe. The agreed that my route would be good.  They said I might see some homeless people but that is all. Since I was unaware of my surroundings, I ran without music and I texted my husband before and after my run so that someone would know where I was running. I also brought my phone for pictures. I ran through downtown and to the Riverwalk and Tom Lee Park.  There were plenty of people out and a lot of runners. It was a really nice run. My way back, I changed it up a bit to go see Beale St. I also ran by the Peabody but didn’t go in and see the ducks because it was only 6:45 am.


St. Jude Children’s Hospital

The rest of the morning, I listened to speakers. I then go to take a tour of St. Jude Children’s Hospital which was the whole point of my trip. I finally got to visit the hospital I fundraise for. Afterwards, I ate dinner at Central BBQ and walked across the street to tour the National Civil Rights Museum. Central BBQ was really enjoyable. The museum was awesome.  It was very interactive and they way they set the museum was nice.  I really liked it and was surprised by how much they had.


Civil Rights Museum at Lorraine Motel


Went home.  So it was a very quick trip but really enjoyable.


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