Blackberry Cobbler

Last week my son and I went blackberry picking with our walk group and a couple of other friends.  The blackberries were cheap because it was the end of the season and it was hot! The blackberries are thornless so the little kids could pick them.  My son picked them for about 2 minutes and then decided to either smash them in his hand or throw them at me (2 year olds are so much fun).  I decided to my blackberry cobbler as it is a dessert my husband actually likes.  Even with making the cobbler we still have a lot of blackberries left.  I could make another cobbler and still have more left over.

Blackberry Cobbler

Ease: 5/5. Very easy recipe.  My son helped me by placing the ingredients in the bowl and helping me stir. He also helped put everything in the pan to cook.  He had a lot of fun.

Husbands rating: 5/5

Changes: None

Recipe: You can find it here.




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