June in Review

June was an interesting month for us. We started it off with the end of the school year and going camping on a beach which ended early due to a horrible storm and my husband needing to go to the hospital. We ended the month with no daycare and my husband working long hours due to all the missed work this month with a lot of projects due. What I always do is keep my son is daycare for a few weeks in the summer so that I can get all my teacher trainings done and a couple of days to myself and then I pull him out of it for the rest of the summer which ends up being about 6 weeks. I try to do something fun with him outside of the house every morning and then errands after naptime.

Here are some things I have enjoyed this month:

TV: So I get up at 5 am with my husband.  My son gets up after 7. During his sleep time, I catch up on TV shows.  I finished Parenthood at the beginning of summer which is a great TV show.  I then watched The Handmaids Tale and Riverdale. Both were enjoyable. I am currently watching Glow as in, I started it today.

Movies: I did see Wonder Woman this month and while everyone is cheering on a female lead, which is awesome, I was not that impressed with the film. I thought it dragged and that they could have done more action. Plus, there have been other awesome strong females in media who are also human. Um…hello Buffy for example. Yes, there needs to a be a lot more but she was not the first.

Books: So I have been horrible about reading lately.  It is taking me forever to finish books. My son though, we go through tons.  We joined our local libraries summer reading program and we are killing it for him.  For mine, not really.  He loves going to the library and picking out books.

Breweries: My husband and I love going to different breweries. We love to sample a few beers, eat and just talk.  Most of the breweries we go to are also kid friendly.  If they are not kid friendly, well we don’t really go to those.  The breweries we went to this month were:

  • Texas Beer Refinery- Very kid friendly.  They have games, and a little playground.
  • Yee Haw Brewery- Family friend place attached to a taco restaurant. They have arcade games and room for kids to run around.
  • No Label Brewery- Very kid friendly as they have a playground too.
  • City Acre Brewery- They have a large outdoor space with games like cornhole and giant jenga which gives my son entertainment.

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