Southwestern Pasta Salad

This week I made my husband a Southwestern Pasta Salad.  I decided since it is very hot now, keep it simple and light.  My husband is on restricted workouts but also wanted something that wasn’t too unhealthy. Plus, it is vegetarian for people out there who do not like meat.  You can use this as a main meal or as a side for maybe a BBQ.

Southwestern Pasta Salad

Ease: 5/5. Cook pasta, blend stuff and done.

Husbands rating: 5/5. He loved it!

Changes: I didn’t use cilantro or cherry tomatoes. I also left out the apple cider vinegar. The reasons: my husband is not a fan of tomatoes and I didn’t want to buy the vinegar/cilantro when we will not use it.

Recipe: You can find it here.



Got any recipes for me to try?  Let me know.


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