Feb. 2017 Trunk Club Review

This week I got my 2nd Trunk Club. I do these(or want to) every 6 months. My husband also gets Trunks but keeps more than I do since I also do Stitch Fix.  His last Trunk, he kept like 2 pairs of pants, a shirt and jacket.

Please ignore the fact that my hair is wet, I just showered after a brutal Crossfit workout.  Also, one of the pics is very blurry because my husband was trying to watch something on his tablet and was not amused.

Here is how it works:

  1. Fill out a survey that asks for your sizes, measurements, likes and dislikes, what does your closet need.
  2. I sent my stylist a couple of photos of me so she could see my body shape.
  3. Your stylists will send you a preview where you can tell them what not to send and why not.
  4. They send the box. They send between 7-15 items.  I have 10 in mine.  It comes looking like a trunk and has all the things you need to send it back free of charge.  You can even have it picked up from your house.
  5. Try on and give feedback. Send back what you don’t want. You do not get charged until they get it back.
  6. There is a $25 try-on fee but it comes out of your total.

Here is what I got:

Splendid Long Sleeve Thermal Tee ($88) with the NYDJ ‘Alina Colored Stretch Skinny Jeans ($90.99)


I returned both.  The shirt was too big and too short at the same time.  The pants did not fit like skinny jeans.  These were both a big no.

Chelsea28 Back Cutout Sweater ($89) and Wit & Wisdom Ab solution Stretch Skinny Jeans ($68)


I kept the pants.  They fit perfectly and I could use a new pair of black pants.  I loved the sweater, I really did and has very pretty details. I wish I had a upclose photo.  Unfortunately, it had a warning saying do not wear jewelry with it because it is so delicate.  If it will be ruined by that, I do not want to know what a toddler will do to it.

Free People Allure Pullover in ivory($73.50) and same black pants.


No to the top. It looks so weird on me.  I felt like I was Beethoven. Plus, it kept falling down more and becoming obscene.

Vince Camuto Rib Trim High/Low Blouse ($79) and same black pants.


The shirt fit fine.  I just did not like the fabric.  I am weird on fabrics and how they feel on the skin.So this was a no.

Free People Rising Sun Tee in blue ($43.50) and same black pants.


I felt like a hippy in this shirt so I kept it.  Not because of the hippy feel.  It was soft and long in the back where I could wear leggings (yes I am one of those moms). I debated back and forth between this shirt and the next sweater.  However, the shirt one because it was cheaper.  We have had a lot of unplanned circumstances come up in the last week.

Trouve Corrugated Stitch Pullover in Tidepool ($79) and same black pants.


So I liked this sweater when I pulled it out, and then hated it on.  Then I looked at this picture and liked it again.  I debated and debated but the shirt will get more use from me.


Want to give my stylists a try?  Her name is Nicole and she is awesome. You can go here.


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