Ancho Chicken Tacos

I am a little behind on food posts and once I catch up on that, I can do typical posts.  I have a Houston Marathon recap, I want to talk about my cruise and just some typical updates.  Just got to remind myself to take one thing at a time.  I mean that is what Rose would have told Sue Ellen.

I made Ancho Chicken Tacos which are a pretty quick meal.

Ease: 4/5

Husbands Rating: 4/5

Changes: My husband is watching how many carbs he eats so we made it into chicken bowls without tortillas. Why is my husband watching his carb intake? He said it got out of hand around the holidays and with all the heavy lifting he is doing, he wants more proteins.  I think.  I actually stopped listening but it has something to do with carbs, proteins, weight lifting.

Recipe: You can find here.



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