Traveling with baby

So I traveled over Thanksgiving, which was way over a month ago but I never got a chance to blog about it.

I want to start with traveling with babies tips and then talk about Thanksgiving in St. Louis.  My son is 20 months old and has flown about 7 times.  His first flight was at 4 months old. Every flight has been a different experience.

  1. Get to the airport with extra time.  There is nothing worse than being super stressed about making your flight on time because not only will baby sense it, it will throw everything else off.
  2. Bring plenty of snacks.  If you are doing liquid snacks, like pouches, be warned that if they are over 4 oz. they will have to open them and check them.  If you think you brought too many snacks, pack more.
  3. You can bring liquids with you but security will check them in the bottle or sippy so again need to plan extra time.
  4. Bring a toy/object they love and will want to play with on the plane.
  5. Have an extra set of clothes for you and baby in your carry-on.  Trust me. Nothing like spending a couple of hours as an adult in pee clothes.
  6. Have something in their mouth for takeoff/landing.
  7. Pack things so that they are easy to reach for.

Those are just some of my tips.  Again, every flight is different.  My son flew great at 4 months to NM and a month later he has a screaming meltdown on the flight to Mexico.

For Thanksgiving we flew to St. Louis on a Tuesday and barely made the flight (had to turn around because I left his passport at home).  So Tuesday we made it for dinner and that was all.

Wednesday was so much fun.  We went to the St. Louis Zoo which was a gloomy day in the low 50s but no one was there because it looked like rain.  We got to see all the animals without crowds.  We then took him to Build-a-Bear inside the zoo.  St. Louis is where Build-a-Bear started so they have a special one in the zoo filled with zoo animals.  My son picked a Painted Dog (which we saw the exhibit).  It was so cute and fun to see him make his little dog.  He did so good.  If you have never been to the St. Louis Zoo, it is a must.  It is free and ranked one of the best zoos in the nature.  It is inside Forest Park which is a huge beautiful park.

Thursday was Thanksgiving but my husband and I ran in the Chesterfield Turkey Trot.  My son stayed home at Grandmas.  Afterwards, we had our Thanksgiving meal.

On Friday the girls in my family decided to go see a movie.  Afterwards, my husband, son and I met up with my college roommate and her husband to eat and drink some beer at Kirkwood Station Brewery. It was really good food and beer.

Saturday we ran in the Run for Cookies 5 miler.  It was the first year we have done it where my husband did not place. Afterwards, the girls in my family took my son to the mall for their playground, carousel and train ride.

We left very early Sunday morning. It was a good trip and we were glad we got to see a lot of people and do a lot of things.  My son enjoyed himself.


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