November Stitch Fix

I know, it has been awhile so hopefully I will have more posts and some back posts.  I should have some cooking posts if my husband veer sends me the pictures.

Today I have a Stitch Fix post though. I received my same stylists and warning, I did not know my hair was that bad and didn’t realize I hadn’t closed my dresser drawers or that you could see the random dog toy, but this is real life.

Here is how Stitch Fix works if you are new to it:

1. Fill out your Style Profile. This gives detail on your style, sizes, budget and anything else like a link to your pinterest board.

2. Once you have “ordered” your box, they will send you 5 items from a personal stylists.  It is a $20 styling fee which is applied as a credit toward anything you keep.

3. Try everything on. They send you Style Cards with recommendations on how to wear your outfit.  You have three days to decide what you do and do not want.

4. Buy what you like and return the rest. If you keep all 5 items, you get 25% off your entire purchase.  Don’t like something, they send you a pre-paid mailing bag to drop in the mailbox.  It is free shipping.

Here is what I got:


First up is the THML Textured Print Knit top ($64) and Pistola Caterina Frayed Hem Ankle Zip Skinny Jean ($88)


I will have the jeans on every picture.  I hated the shirt!  Hated it when I pulled it out and hated it when I put it on. The embroidery made it itchy on my skin and just looked old lady to mean.  The jeans fit good but were not my style at all. Sent back both.

Next is the Daniel Rainn Mandell Lace Overlay Knit Top ($58)


Hard to tell but the top had some cute detailing.  It was a cute top but it was a little too tight in the chest so I couldn’t lift my arms.  The back also had a little run in the fabric.  Sent back. 

Leo & Nicole Cyprus Cowl Neck Pullover ($68)


As a child, I hated sweaters.  Hated everything about them.  As I have moved to Houston where we only get a couple of days of sweater weather, I can’t get enough. This was a keeper right when I saw it. Already have plans to wear it for Thanksgiving.  It is a little big which is perfect because I like large cuddly sweaters. Keep!

Last item is the Report Footwear Slicker2 Chelsea Rain Bootie ($40)20161029_200648

Weird fact about me, I have never owned an umbrella or rain shoes, so why start now?  They are cute and I liked the color but I would never wear them. Sent back.


Want to try Stitch Fix?  Use my referral here.

Want to look at other Stitch Fixes?  Go here.

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