Updates galore

Since it has been awhile I will just do one huge update.

Running/working out:

I have done a few races recently like 2 half marathons. Earlier this fall, I also entered into a crossfit competition.  One thing I have noticed is that I am getting stronger at this new CF gym I go to.  They have me on additional weight training so I do that before my workout.

For the two half marathons I did, one sucked. The other one was the fastest half I have run in almost 3 years.  I haven’t been able to break 2 hours yet but this one made me feel that maybe someday I could.



We are doing well.  In Sept. I went on a cruise to Cozumel with my mom, aunt and sisters.  It was a lot of fun but hard to be away from my son that long.  For the cruise our excursion in Cozumel was to go to a private beach on a Catamaran where they had all these different bounce type toys, like giant slides.  We also went snorkeling.  The cruise was a lot of fun.


With having a toddler, I don’t seem to find time to read.  I am two books behind in book club and part of the problem is I always get books at the library and these are two popular books right now.  I am hoping I can find time to read in December to get caught up. For movies, I haven’t really seen any lately that I just loved.  I saw Girl on the Train and I have read the book and I enjoyed it.  However, I hadn’t read the book in over a year so my memory was hazing on differences. I enjoyed the movie but people who saw the movie who had just read the book said it had too many differences.


I thought I had more to update on but I most likely forgot everything that is going on.


My Imperfect Son pt. 3

My sons imperfections is becoming a little mini-series.  This time we are going to be talking about his peanut allergy.  After his 15 month appointment I scheduled an appointment with a recommended allergists.  I told the allergists the story with peanut butter so they decided it would be best to do a skin test. He did a sample on me first so I would know what it felt like.

They decided to test him for peanuts but also tree nuts.


He was very good during it and just laid on me.  No movement or anything.  The nurse was pretty surprised as a lot of kids have to be held down. As you can see, 71 is the only reaction which was peanuts.  They say his allergy is pretty bad and wrote my a prescription for a Epi-Pen.  Of course this was right after the Epi-Pen price gauge which I had not paid attention to.  When I went to pick it up, they told me it would cost $600.  I decided to research other methods.

I am still researching.  I tried the AdrenaClick but it cost even more.  The allergists office says they do not have any samples so next time we still his pediatrician, I will ask her for help.  I know Epi-Pen was a $300 off coupon but that is still $300 I will be paying for less than a $1 worth of medicine.  This is even with my health insurance.

Has anyone had any luck finding other solutions?

As for now, I am lucky he is at a peanut-free school and that I control everything that he eats.

November Stitch Fix

I know, it has been awhile so hopefully I will have more posts and some back posts.  I should have some cooking posts if my husband veer sends me the pictures.

Today I have a Stitch Fix post though. I received my same stylists and warning, I did not know my hair was that bad and didn’t realize I hadn’t closed my dresser drawers or that you could see the random dog toy, but this is real life.

Here is how Stitch Fix works if you are new to it:

1. Fill out your Style Profile. This gives detail on your style, sizes, budget and anything else like a link to your pinterest board.

2. Once you have “ordered” your box, they will send you 5 items from a personal stylists.  It is a $20 styling fee which is applied as a credit toward anything you keep.

3. Try everything on. They send you Style Cards with recommendations on how to wear your outfit.  You have three days to decide what you do and do not want.

4. Buy what you like and return the rest. If you keep all 5 items, you get 25% off your entire purchase.  Don’t like something, they send you a pre-paid mailing bag to drop in the mailbox.  It is free shipping.

Here is what I got:


First up is the THML Textured Print Knit top ($64) and Pistola Caterina Frayed Hem Ankle Zip Skinny Jean ($88)


I will have the jeans on every picture.  I hated the shirt!  Hated it when I pulled it out and hated it when I put it on. The embroidery made it itchy on my skin and just looked old lady to mean.  The jeans fit good but were not my style at all. Sent back both.

Next is the Daniel Rainn Mandell Lace Overlay Knit Top ($58)


Hard to tell but the top had some cute detailing.  It was a cute top but it was a little too tight in the chest so I couldn’t lift my arms.  The back also had a little run in the fabric.  Sent back. 

Leo & Nicole Cyprus Cowl Neck Pullover ($68)


As a child, I hated sweaters.  Hated everything about them.  As I have moved to Houston where we only get a couple of days of sweater weather, I can’t get enough. This was a keeper right when I saw it. Already have plans to wear it for Thanksgiving.  It is a little big which is perfect because I like large cuddly sweaters. Keep!

Last item is the Report Footwear Slicker2 Chelsea Rain Bootie ($40)20161029_200648

Weird fact about me, I have never owned an umbrella or rain shoes, so why start now?  They are cute and I liked the color but I would never wear them. Sent back.


Want to try Stitch Fix?  Use my referral here.

Want to look at other Stitch Fixes?  Go here.

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