BBQ Popcorn Chicken

Last week I decided to do something real quick and easy as I didn’t have enough time.

Husbands rating: 4/5.  Some cut chicken was tougher than other pieces.

Ease: 5/5.  Cut, put in bag and mix and then cook.

Changes: I followed the recipe.  Not sure what my husband dipped it in if he did at all.

Recipe: You can find it here.

Picture: photo0-7


Creamy Cilantro Lime Chicken Tacos

Last week I made tacos for my husband.  I decided to try the creamy cilantro lime because I thought it might taste like one of our favorite sauces at the Tex-Mex restaurant Chuy’s.

Ease: 4.5/5. Only putting that because I had to chop some.

Husbands rating: 4/5.  The chicken did not cook evenly so some pieces were a bit tough.

Changes: I actually made it the way it is supposed to be made.  Not sure if husband put pico on it because he assembles it at work.

Recipe: You can find it here. It is the 3rd recipe.

Pictures:  None. Husband forgot.