Arizona Shopping Update and Photos

Earlier this month, my family and I visited Arizona.  I wanted to show some of the items we bought and our family photos.

In Sedona we shopped at Tlaquepaque Arts and Craft Village.  While there we bought three pieces of Jewelry for me and my son received his monkey stuffed animal.  He was so cute picking out the toy he was going to get. The toy shop was called Tlaquepaque Toy Town and I forgot the jewelry stores name but it was on the other side of the toy store.  The toy store is upstairs and so is the jewelry store, just across on the other side.  At the jewelry store, we bought two pairs of earrings.  One is a hoop made from turquoise and one is small posts made from coral. We also bought a bear pendant necklace made from Buffalo turquoise.


Earrings and necklace


Sons Monkey from Sedona with his Jack Rabbit and book from the Grand Canyon.

My husband also bought two shirts in Sedona. He bought a singlet from the Sedona Running Co. and a North Face shirt from Hike House.

At the Grand Canyon, we bought our son a board book of animals at the Grand Canyon.  The book is so cute and the pictures are great.  My son loves it.  He also picked out a jack rabbit stuffed animal as we wanted him to get a toy from an animal you can find there. He goes to bed with both of these stuffed animals and gives them daily hugs.

We also each bought a shirt from the Grand Canyon Brewing Company.  I mean we as in my husband and I. I do not have a picture of these shirts as they are in the dirty laundry pile.

Lastly, our family photos came out great.  Even though our son was extremely fussy that day, she was still able to get some great photos.  The picture below is one of my favorites from that day.


Family Photo in Sedona.  Photographer: Photography by Janise. 



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