My Imperfect Son Part 2

My sons weird rash that he had in June disappeared after a few days.  He has not had any weird skin conditions as of late.  However, he is still imperfect.

So about two weeks ago he went in for his 15 month checkup.  Things started out great: height, weight, and head size were all normal compared to his past visits.  His heart and lungs sounded great.  His throat, ears and eyes looked great too.  He was alert and would look at his doctor when he was supposed to.  Nothing out of the ordinary.

I mentioned that I think he is allergic to peanuts and described what happened when I gave him a little dab of peanut butter on a cracker (projectile vomit all over his dad and a rash).  She said she does not recommend any nut product for kids under 3 just because their immune system is weird.  However, she wants him to see an allergist just to make sure so that we and his school know for the future.  That was fine.

We were about done with the exam when she checked his diaper area.  His hips were fine but she noticed a little bump.  So she examined him and said he seems to have a hernia. Now I am not a doctor in any way, so I looked at her confused. She understood and said baby hernias are not the same as adult hernias.  I was thinking “My son does not lift weights…yet.”  Baby hernias start in the womb.  Basically what happens is when the genitalia get in place, it creates a passageway.  The passageway is supposed to close but sometimes does not.So fluid can get stuck or sometimes even the intestines.  She wanted me to go take him to the Urologist.

So he has had the appointment and we have a check-up in a few months. He asked if it changes size and I said I have not noticed. If it does change size, he needs surgery now. He thinks it is liquid which is not a hernia but it followed before the passageway closed up. He said there is a small chance it might clear up on its own, if not he needs out-patient surgery.

I really do not want him to have surgery but I also want the best for him.  We can do the surgery now and not wait but I want to wait to see if there is a chance he will not need the surgery.

Anyone else experience something similar?


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