Pulled Chicken Sandwich with Creamy Ranch

This week I found three recipes and gave my husband options.  This is the one he was feeling. Now, I didn’t read all the recipe before we went grocery shopping so I changed things quite a bit.

Husbands Rating: 4.5/5.  He said next time put some hot sauce in the crock pot to give it some heat.

Ease: 5/5. Just put the chicken in a crock pot and shred it.  The end.

Changes: My husband bought pretzel rolls instead of the recommended ciabatta. Now, I didn’t look at her recipe for slow cooking the chicken, I assumed it was on this recipe.  It was not.  So I cooked on high for about 4 hours with some ranch dressing and paprika.  I did not use measurements, just added what I felt.  I also did not make my own ranch dressing, I just did store-bought.

Recipe: You can find it here.


photo0 (1)

He had not melted the cheese yet in this picture.  I think he wanted to get the chicken showing.


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