June Updates

June saw the end of the school year for me and I was lucky enough to get all my extra training done in June as well.  However, my son continued to go to school until July 1st because I had at least one training per week which is too much for my husband to take off work.  My husband usually works half days on Fridays so we would get together for lunch or go see a movie.

My son never went to school on Thursdays because I had enrolled him in The Little Gym classes.  He loves it!  We now also go to their open gym times.  My son was 14 months in June and the activities they do include balance beam, swinging on the bar, forward rolls, etc.  He has so much fun when he is there and he loves all the teachers.  I only enrolled him for the summer as an activity for us to do during the day but I think I might have to enroll him in the Fall too.  However, they do not offer many night classes. You can tell he loved climbing the rock wall.


Rock climbing

He is also still in swim class which he was promoted to the next level which means he has more teacher-time, less parent holding time.  They also do more submerges. He loves pool time and gets very excited for class.

One disappoint this month was a trail race I signed up for was rescheduled.  The park was closed for two weeks due to flooding so they rescheduled until August.  No big deal since I still get to run but I had been looking forward to that race.

On Father’s Day Weekend, we all ran the No Label Brewing 1st Street 5K.  The race is 3 years old and we have ran it every year. We love the race company that puts it on and have done a few of their races.  It is a stroller friendly race and the brewery is also extremely kid friendly. The run this race on a Saturday and then you get a couple of beers in a pint glass that you get to keep.  It was very hot.  I should expect that because it is June in Texas but this year seemed especially bad. At least to course takes you through some shade and it has a lot of turns so you are never on the same road for too long.  This year a family who lives on the course had out lemonade for the runners.  If I was just walking the race, I would have taken it.  The race passes them twice but by the time we saw them again, I was so close to the finish that I just wanted to get there as fast as possible.  I ran a 28:38 which is a 9:13 min/mile pace.  My husband finished in 28:40 (he had the stroller).  He started a little way behind me and said his first mile was over 10 minutes as he was getting around people so his second and third mile were in the 8 minute range.


Yes I pixelated the other people out of the photo. We had a lot of fun after the race with some of our running friends.

We spent Father’s Day itself at a brewery with a hiking with kids club.

Speaking of which, this summer we have done a lot of Hike it Baby events especially me in the daytime.  I highly recommend seeing if there is one in your town.  You can look here.  It is a group for parents who want to do outdoors activities with their kids.  It is also free.  I like it because it gets us outside and something to do.

Socially, we have gone to one wedding in June which was a really nice wedding.  It was at this old firehouse that they have turned into an event hall.  We have also attended two little birthday parties for our niece and one for my sons friend from school.

So far our summer has been nice but a little too fast.


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