Marinated Fish Tacos

This entry is really late and for that I am sorry.  Last week I decided to cook my husband fish tacos.  So we did not go grocery shopping until later Sunday which means I couldn’t cook them until Monday.  However, my husband was going out-of-town for work on Tuesday so I didn’t need to make them for Tuesday lunch.  He ate them on Wednesday but that is the only day because his work provided lunch on Thursday and we went on a lunch date Friday. I also do not have a picture because of all of this.

Husbands Rating: 3/5.  He felt like it was missing something. I told him the recipe maker suggested sour cream but he is not a sour cream fan.  He said maybe avocado.  He tried picante and didn’t like it.

Ease: 4/5.

Changes: We used Mahi Mahi and I did not add any cilantro.

Recipe: You can find it here.


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