Book and Movies in May

I love to read and I love to watch movies/TV.  So I thought every month I would share with you the best I have read/seen in the month.  Now I am in a book club but we don’t always read what is hot right now.  I am also a mom who does not go out to the movies a lot so I mostly watch what is on Netflix.  Just warning you so that you don’t think this is going to tell you what is hot out right now.


Me Before You by Jojo Moyes:

So my book club is reading this for June and I read it in May not knowing we would be reading it (we pick our books for the whole year in late May). I loved this book.  I loved the two main characters and I loved the sweet story.  I did cry so it is a tissue needing book. I tell all my friends that they need to read this book. This is by far the best book I have read in a while, most likely all of 2016.

Basically, Louisa Clarke needs a job to take care of her family.  She is hired as a caregiver to Will Traynor who is paralyzed. The story revolves around their relationship and what she does to try to cheer him up.

The other book I read in May was The Avaitor’s Wife by Melanie Benjamin.


This is a hard one because I do not remember what I watched. I think I was busy getting caught up on my shows before their finales came.

So I am going to say Cruel Intentions because this was one of my favorite movies in high school and Ryan Phillippe just looks so dreamy in it. I did watch this in May and I still enjoyed it like 15 year later.

Also Ruby Bridges. I rented this movie to go along with our Civil Rights Movement lesson in class.  My students had been state testing all week so it was a perfect way to end the week for them.  This movie is really cute.  My students were captivated from the start to the finish.  It is a Made for TV movie that Disney made in the 1990s. I never saw it when it was originally on but even though it is older, my students still loved it. Ruby is a real girl who was involved in desegregating schools in New Orleans. After the movie, my students wanted to know all about where the people are today.  It is hard to get 7th graders really invested in anything.


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