My Imperfect Son

I know, I know, most moms say their children are perfect.  Well those moms are liars.  No one is perfect so deal with it. So one of the things that make my son imperfect is his skin. I had no skin problems growing up besides being somewhat dry and as a teen maybe one zit a year.  My skin is not sensitive but I am extremely freckled. My husbands skin past: ?.  I don’t think he remembers but he had no real issues as I would think he would remember that.

Our son had baby acne which I heard is very common but it was one of those things I had never heard of before giving birth.  When he turned about 8 months, I noticed he started developing really dry patchy spots like on his back.  I asked my mom what it was and while none of her children had it, she said it looked like eczema.  When he went for his 9 month appointment, it was eczema.  No big deal as when he gets a break out, just put some hydrocortisone cream(for one week only) and then use eczema lotion twice a day everyday. This has done a pretty good job at managing his eczema. So eczema is hereditary, but no one in my family had/has it.  That must mean it comes from my husband’s side. Anyway, no big deal about the eczema as lots of babies/people have it.  He has a mild case so there is a chance he will outgrow it.

Then comes this week. On Monday I take him to school and tell his teacher he has a breakout that just started.  After lunch on Monday I get a phone call to pick him up and he cannot return until he has a doctor note. My son is completely covered and is red.  His face is all swollen too.  So I take him to the doctor as to me it looks like an allergic reaction.  He went and saw the nurse on duty and then she brought in my doctor. They diagnosed him with EM minor or multiforme minor.  They said there is no rhyme or reason for him getting this. Some people get it as a response to certain meds and some people get it as a result of a virus.  My son has had a cough so they think his immune system is like haywire fighting the cold virus.  He does of an eczema flare-up too and she said people with eczema do get flare-ups when they are sick.  However, my son is not uncomfortable and not itchy.  She said he is not contagious but wanted me home with him on Tuesday just to make sure it was not getting worse.

On Tuesday the redness and swollenness had gone down and he was just left with bumpy skin. He is not on any meds as there is no cure.  She also said he could get it again depending on his immune system.  The nurse did tell me that when he turns 3, his immune system will change/become stronger, I kind of forgot her wording, but in any case meaning things that affects him now, might not in the future.

So my son has imperfect skin but I can deal with it because otherwise he is a goofy healthy boy.  Now if only we could get him to eat at home more and not just at school since he will not be there for 1.5 months.

Here is a pic of my polka dotted monkey from Monday: 20160606_142117


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