May recap

May ended up being a pretty busy month professionally and socially.  It is the end of the school year so we have fun social activities with the students like a faculty vs student basketball game (which I got 2 3-point shots), awards and so on.  Socially we had a couple of events like a little pool party, couples baby shower, mothers day, brewery tour(with a baby hike group) and a birthday party.  We pretty much take a son wherever we go.  People know if they invite us, he is coming.

I ran three races in May too.  My husband pushed my son in two races. As a family we ran the Santo de Mayo 5K which was a very crowded race.  I started I guess in the middle (there was a couple thousand people) and I was still passing walkers at mile 3.  The streets were pretty narrow so my husband had trouble getting the stroller around people.  The after-party was really crowded and crazy.  My time was in pretty normal for me 26:50.

Our second race was Cinco de Mayo 5K. They had to change the location due to flooding so it was not as stroller friendly as the old location.  It usually is two loops on a huge empty road(it is a small race) but this time it was 2.5 loops.  One part has uneven sidewalk which is hard with a stroller.  This race always has a chance for me to place but it depends on my time and who else is running.  I ended up getting 3rd in my age group with 25:56 but my watch said more like 26:10. Not bad though and the age group prize is a margarita glass.

My last race was one I signed up for last-minute called Daisy Dash. I signed up on a Thursday, and came down sick on Friday, ran the race Saturday with a bad fever.  I felt horrible the entire race but finished in 26:35 and ended up getting 2nd in my age group (small race). I slept the rest of the day.  It was not smart to run with a fever and my body punished me for it.

The first picture is the award ceremony.  The second photo is me dying at mile 1.5.


KT8A2696 2016 PEO Daisy Dash

Our son has been in swimming classes since March and in May we took him to an outsdie pool.  I was worried how he would react because the pool was cold while his swim class pool is inside and heated.  He still loved it.  This pool had little bubblers for the kids to play with and he loved those.  I think we will have fun on our summer vacation.


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