May Stitch Fix

Every other month, I get clothes from Stitch Fix. This has helped me get creative on work clothes so I am just not wearing black pants and a single color top (which if that is what you do, then that is perfectly fine, it is just not me).

First, if you are not familiar with Stitch Fix, here is how it works:

1. Fill out your Style Profile. This gives detail on your style, sizes, budget and anything else like a link to your pinterest board.

2. Once you have “ordered” your box, they will send you 5 items from a personal stylists.  It is a $20 styling fee which is applied as a credit toward anything you keep.

3. Try everything on. They send you Style Cards with recommendations on how to wear your outfit.  You have three days to decide what you do and do not want.

4. Buy what you like and return the rest. If you keep all 5 items, you get 25% off your entire purchase.  Don’t like something, they send you a pre-paid mailing bag to drop in the mailbox.  It is free shipping.

This month and I asked for the last stylists I had and wanted something for upcoming family photos. Here is what I got in May.


Here is my note from the stylist.


Bancroft Leighton Metal Bauble Necklace- $34

The necklace is cute but it didn’t sit right on me, like it all bunched up so I returned.


Moon and Sky Melbourne Lace Overlay Knit Top- $54

Top fit fine and it is cute but I have a similar top to this already. Return.20160513_17300420160513_173000

Fate Selita Strappy Back Top- $48.

My only concern is how wrinkly it is.  I am not one to iron.  However the husband really liked it. Kept.


Kut from the kloth Mindy Printed Maxi Skirt-$68

The maxi has a nice flow to it and it has two cut slits on both sides.  I am not a floral person.  After much debate with friends (since my husband likes everything) I kept it.

Not shown is the Adelyn Rae Treena V-neck Dress $108

Cute dress but it is too heavy for the summer, a little too short for me and would not zip up past my boobs so I returned that item as well.

To sign up for Stitch Fix, go here.

Want to see what others got this month? Go here.

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